Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Mr. Bates set the tone, reminding us we are in two wars at the present and then showing clips of the history of Decoration/ Memorial Day, and a 60 Minutes segment that showed the daily strife of servicemen who disarm IEDs in Afghanistan.

That clip ended with a litany of photos of young marines, soldiers, sailors, who, often at the age of some of our about-to-be graduates, have given their lives in this endeavor.

Mr. Bates then spoke about one Dublin alumnus, Warren Ripley ’39, who was the 35th Dublin School graduate and who died in the Battle of Okinawa. The entire School then walked up to Memorial Field and paid tribute to the five Dublin boys who lost their lives in World War II and are remembered by the five maple trees planted on the west side of the field. Mr. Bates then read what Mr. Lehmann said about Warren Ripley at his graduation ceremony in 1939.

The mood then changed as the students and faculty moved quickly to the building site of the new Fountain Arts Building. There, everyone signed names and wrote messages so that when the sheetrock goes up on the interior walls, all our

names will be enclosed for posterity! Orange hard hats, the gifts of Spencer Norcross ’86, were in evidence throughout the signing.

Following the signing, the Dublin School contingent joined up with the rest of Dublin in the Yankee Magazine parking lot, and then marched in the Memorial Day parade to the cemetery where military honors

were held.