Mountain Day: Worth the Wait

After weeks of mounting anticipation, the School was in a state of elation when the bell finally rang early last Thursday morning. Mr. Bates, decked out in Mr. Lehmann’s classic hat and blowing the horn, stood on the quad announcing that it was, finally and truly, Mountain Day! After scrambling to pack lunches and change into hiking clothes, students and faculty headed to the White Dot trail. One hundred percent of medically able students made it up the mountain, the best participation Dublin has had in many years! With temperatures reaching the low 70s (an anomaly for Dublin in late October), it was the perfect day for a hike.

That night, the fun continued, as Mr. Bates and Mr. Nemitz had rented out an entire cinema in Keene for the School to watch the critically acclaimed film, “The Social Network.” The movie deals with the birth of Facebook and the many legal and personal repercussions of its creation. The viewing of this film was meant to spark conversations about the positive and negative attributes of Facebook and the internet in general. All in all, it was an exhilarating day, and we’re proud of each and every student who made it up!