Mr. Nemitz Awarded Second Shamrock Shirt of the Year

The person I am nominating for this great award is one of the most hardworking people on campus. It may be his first year in office but he has already made drastic changes in the Dublin community. This person has a very quiet and laid back personality but he definitely gets work done. He took the time out of his (I would assume) busy schedule to sit in Wing and Hollow loft and listen to 5 complaining girls and their problems. Although it was against his will, he had a solution to almost every problem we brought up, and if he didn t have a solution he would make suggestions to us on how we could help change this. For an hour this went on and he didn t leave or complain, as badly everyone in the room knew he wanted to. How nice of him. Well, if you haven t already figured out who I'm nominating, it s ex-Environmental Science teacher and present Dean of Students, Mr. Nemitz!

-Aliyah Westbrook 13 et al.