Katie Houde ’12 Awarded First Shamrock Shirt of the Year

In morning meeting, Mr. Bates awarded Katie Houde ’12 with the first Shamrock Shirt of the year, an honor bestowed upon members of our community who act with truth and courage. The nomination for the shirt came from teacher Nellie Herman, who shared this story from the camping trip:

“On Saturday I joined the Sunapee camping group for the day. I was almost there when, on the badly paved mountain road that led to the campsite, my rusty exhaust system broke. I arrived at the camp sounding like a Harley Davidson on steroids with my catalytic converter dragging on the ground. No one missed my entrance, how could they in such a bucolic setting, and soon Ms. Heath and I were busy discussing my options for my return trip to my home, more than an hour away on a day when no car parts are dragging on the ground. Without resolving this dilemma we went for our stroll up Sunapee where we ate lunch with a gorgeous view of the lake and the White Mountains where we imagined our fellow students were having their own adventures. Fortunately for me, on our way up the mountain we met State Park rangers who kindly offered wire for my car. Now I had the means to "fix" my car but I did not have the know-how. This is where a Dublin student came to my aide in a big way. Without this student, I am not sure how I would have managed or whether what I would have done would have caused more harm than good. This student borrowed Mr. Maitner's cell phone, because of course she did not bring hers on the camping trip, called her father for advice, scooted under my car and securely wired up my catalytic converter. Then Katharine Houde went on to explain what the catalytic converter does and what smells it produces.

I am very grateful for Katie's service to me and my car. I got home safely, albeit loudly, with no parts dragging on the ground. My catalytic converter, an expensive part, was not damaged and did not need to be replaced. Katie spoke truthfully about her auto expertise and acted with courage in the small space under my rusty car. She embodied the motto of Truth and Courage and, therefore, I nominate her for a Shamrock Shirt.”