Griffin Learning Center Philosophy

Dublin School's Learning Skills Program is devoted to helping all students access a rigorous academic curriculum and thrive as learners. With sessions that are built directly into students’ schedules and learning specialists who are in dynamic collaboration with other departments, classroom teachers, advisors, and one another, the program is deeply embedded into the very fabric of Dublin. Its strength of purpose attracts students with a diversity of intellectual strengths and gifts. Its commitment to professional development inspires the continual pursuit and exchange of best practices to support student learning.

Working one-on-one with each student, learning specialists guide, educate, and empower students to embrace their unique learning profiles. Students learn “how to learn” through intentional instruction in the context of meaningful work, while navigating the unique strengths and challenges that characterize their personal academic experiences. Students enter the program at different levels of proficiency and progress at their own pace. At the foundation of each LSP experience lies a relationship between learning specialist and student that is built upon trust, understanding, and respect for individual learning styles.

Students in the LSP have achieved the goals of the program when they independently demonstrate the use of effective learning strategies and a sense of ownership over their learning process. These individuals display self-awareness, self-motivation, and the courage to self-advocate, and are in the position to thrive as learners both at Dublin School and beyond.

Student Testimonials

"I grew a ton through my work in the program. When I entered the program, I had the brains but not the tools to do the work. Through my time in LSP, I was able to acquire and learn how to use the tools that have enabled me to be a high achieving student. LSP helped me break free from my own bonds that held me back and turned me into an independent and productive student. If it wasn’t for LSP, I wouldn’t be successful like I am now." - Student, '17, Two years in LSP

"If you are on the fence about the program, then do it. Even if your student doesn’t have the same level of learning disabilities that I do, they could learn a lot. In LSP there is a learning specialist for everyone and they are not just willing, but excited to help you. The specialists really want to see you grow as a student and I think that’s why it works so well. They don’t just want to see you have good grades, but they actually want to see you achieve them yourself and be able to do so independently. Because of LSP, I now have the tools to succeed. I went from being a smart student who was undermining their own abilities because of some short comings to being able to meet my full potential and do so independently." - Student, '17, Two years in LSP

Parent Testimonials

"Our son’s learning specialist was great about taking the time to figure out how he “organized” himself, but then quickly moved forward from that point to use techniques that made sense for him. For example, he loves technology, so his learning specialist introduced how to use Google calendars, how to color code Schoology, and how to maximize the use of online study tools like Quizlet. I’ll never forget how, after a few weeks, he was proudly showing me his color-coded calendar!" - Parent '17

"One of the unique and great things about Dublin’s LSP is the fact that our son had the same learning specialist for 4 years. He was able to develop a life long relationship with his learning specialist built upon trust and respect. His learning specialist became a champion for him; his calm demeanor and steady guidance so important to our son over the years." Parent '16

"For our family, we knew our son was bright and able, but he was also chaotic and chronically disorganized. Committing to LSP was a leap of faith for us, but we have zero regrets. With the one on one, consistent help of his learning specialist he was able to find and apply organizational tools that he now uses habitually. The habits of mind he developed in LSP have led to great grades and super options for college. Furthermore, I feel he is better prepared for the working world and life after school. To a prospective student, I would say: commit to learning skills as your most important class. If you listen, learn and practice what your learning specialists are showing you, your experience in every other class will improve. You may even find you love learning, because you’ve figured out how to “do school.” - Parent '17

"We were looking for a high school that would provide a challenging academic environment and also support for our son in areas of relative weakness. We chose Dublin School because it met both of these needs, and many more. The Dublin LSP is not about helping kids meet the demands of the classroom; it is about teaching students the skills necessary to meet the demands on their own. We are thrilled that, after only two years' time, our son has the skills and confidence to move forward to tackle AP classes and whatever else might come his way!" - Parent '19

"Because Dublin has a well developed Learning Skills Program, there are many students on campus who bring diverse intellectual strengths and gifts to the community. It is staffed by skilled professionals with expertise in learning differences and knowledge of best practices in the field of special education. The learning specialists are involved in community life, so they see and interact with LSP students in many settings. Furthermore, they are in contact with the academic teachers and so can coordinate efforts around skills and expectations for students. The range of students at Dublin is remarkable for such a small school. LSP is one part of the whole that makes the dynamic community thrive." Parent '17

"Initially, our son’s learning specialist communicated with his teachers and also with us about how John was doing and if he needed help. Over the years, our son learned to communicate and advocate with his teachers much more independently and this is a skill that will help him as he heads to college." Parent '16

"Another important aspect of the LSP was the coordination of our son’s accommodations for standardized testing (ACT and SAT). Our son was able to focus on the exam and perform well due to the fact that his accommodations were in place and were familiar to him. He will utilize the same accommodations in college." Parent '16

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