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Now is the time to invest in Dublin's future.

Since its founding, Dublin School has been on a unique journey rooted in its vision and dedication to its students. In the middle of the Great Depression, Paul and Nancy Lehmann opened Dublin School with five faculty members and eight students. Their family privately funded the School and built the campus with the students. When the money was needed, Paul took out a personal loan from the bank. When a family needed help with tuition, help was given.

Join the Journey

Dublin’s journey has reached a point of unparalleled success, and now is the time to make a serious investment in its future. We invite you to join us in raising $18M to support the three priorities explained within. Together, we can provide transformative experiences for our students and faculty now and for generations to come. We are honored to share that we are 80% of the way toward our goal of $18M. Please consider making a generous, multiyear commitment to support one or more of our campaign priorities.

opportunities to explore and grow

Unrestricted Support ($3M)

Unrestricted Annual Fund dollars are crucial for providing Dublin students with engaging courses, exciting athletics, powerful experiences, and beloved traditions. Teachers work with students to explore their unique potential and build athletic teams that are inclusive and challenging for both the elite athlete and a first-time player. Dublin’s stages, dormitories, and 500-acre campus draw out students’ talents and ideas, create a sense of belonging, and foster a love of the outdoors. Annual Fund dollars allow us to say “Yes” when funding is needed for any one of these powerful daily moments.

The  ability to transform Lives 

Increasing Dublin's Endowment ($8M)

A bigger endowment isn’t about having a bigger savings account; it’s about transforming lives. Dublin’s growing endowment is critical in helping us fulfill our mission, a mission we believe is more important today than ever. Increasing access to a Dublin education, recruiting and retaining the best educators in the country, and maintaining our intentionally small community on our stunning campus is only sustainable with a larger endowment. Endowment funds are changing the lives of our students today and for generations to come.

Opportunities made real

Capital Projects and New Programs ($7M)

Our ideas are limitless, but our resources are not. Dublin’s success and the success of our graduates are due to our entrepreneurial attitude and ability to see the possibility in all things. From capital projects like the new Health and Wellness Center, to building ski slopes, mountain bike trails, and new ways to get kids outside to partnering with alumni in Patagonia, Dublin knows how to run with a good idea. These funds will sustain our innovative approach, keeping Dublin nimble and responsive to our community and the world.


How to Give

Make an  Online Donation

Mail a check payable to Dublin School and mail to: Dublin School, Advancement Office, 18 Lehmann Way Dublin, NH, 03444

Make a gift of securities or wire transfer

To discuss further how you might help to sustain Dublin's extraordinary journey, please contact Brad Bates, Head of School, or Associate Head of School for Advancement, Erika Rogers at 603-563-1230 or

Dublin School is a fully registered 501(c) 3, and pursuant to US Federal Law, donations are tax-deductible. Non-profit Tax ID number is #02-0229869

 Dublin School Gift Policy


“Dublin has attained a level of success sought by many and reached by few. It stands alone and above in the value it creates from its strategic, well-managed blend of size, culture, mission-driven faculty and staff, and its carefully selected student body. I watch Dublin students leave the campus with the skills and character traits that are powerful and critical enablers of happiness and success in their next steps in life on the way to becoming contributing global citizens in a complex world. And they take with them the Dublin experiences they will treasure for a lifetime.”

- Jeff Miller P '21, Campaign Chair


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