Kids. Culture. Future.


investing in our KIDS

Preparing the next generation of thinkers, problem solvers, artists and leaders.

Dublin School launches kids’ lives. Gifts to the Annual Fund support the costs associated with finding and enrolling smart, kind, curious kids who are the right fit for Dublin. Annual Fund gifts also help to help provide the necessary financial aid to make it possible for today’s families attend. Of course we then have to take care of everyone - The Annual Fund pays for that too!

enriching our CULTURE

Combining talented teachers, thoughtful facilities and a growth mindset in order to build a community where kids thrive and excel.

Dublin nurtures a culture that emphasizes trying new things while embracing the joys of being a teenager. We believe that this culture, together with Dublin’s rich history and stunning location, allows our students to grow in ways that they might have found unimaginable before Dublin. Your gift to the Annual Fund helps to pay for the programs and people who collectively define our unique culture.

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securing our FUTURE

Fundraising is the key to keeping Dublin School small while offering big opportunities and maintaining our historically diverse student body.

Small Schools offer students a just-right balance of challenge and support but small is expensive. Your Annual Fund gift helps us minimize annual tuition increases and secure the financial health of Dublin School to adapt and thrive in a changing educational landscape and uncertain future. Generations of students have benefited from their Dublin education. Your support will make sure we keep doing that for generations to come.

Participation is essential.  Your gift will signal your commitment to the transformative work that takes place among students and faculty here on this beautiful campus. 

Please consider making your gift today!

Dublin School is a fully registered 501(c) 3 and pursuant to US Federal Law, donations are tax-deductible.

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