Schofield Earl

Schofield, Earl

Schofield, Earl.jpg


Visual Arts Instructor

BFA, Massachusetts College of Art,
MFA, Art Institute of Boston 

Earl came to Dublin in 2001 and has taught visual art and art history while pursuing his career as a painter. He has also taught courses at the Sharon Art Center and at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. He lives in Dublin with his family. In his free time he likes to build boats, and in addition to his obvious talents he has many hidden ones, such as canning his own tomato sauce, sewing, and running a backhoe.

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What book has made you think the most? The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Caprof
The Myth of Progress. 
Albert Camus's Myth of Sysiphus

How would your friends describe you in three words? I can't publish the three words my "friends" would use to describe me.

What is your favorite place on campus and why? My office is quite nice. Art, books, coffee, bicycles, a pull out couch, rice cakes, its pretty sweet. Also eagle rock is awesome.

If I had a free afternoon I would... Spend it with my children.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? I want to ride my bicycle!