Scalfano Alexander

Scalfano, Alexander

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M.F.A. (Poetry) University of Massachusetts Amherst,
M.Ed. (Secondary Education) University of Massachusetts Amherst,
B.A. Emory University

I grew up in Trinity, Alabama with my two younger brothers. After high school in Huntsville, AL, I moved to Atlanta, GA for college where I majored in English. After a year spent teaching middle school English, I then moved to Western Massachusetts for graduate school where I first studied Secondary Education and then Poetry and Creative Writing. In my free time, I write poetry, read, enjoy the outdoors, and play games.

What teacher has had the greatest impact on you? Why were they special? My high school English teacher had a tremendous impact on me as a student and later as a teacher. She actually inspired me to become an English teacher because of her deep respect for and trust in her students. She empowered me to not only love the literature, but to also care about why I love it.

What is your favorite course you have taken in high school or college? My favorite course in high school was definitely AP Literature. That was the class that made me truly love English as a subject. In college, my favorite classes were Intro to Creative Writing: Poetry and Contemporary Irish Poetry.

I am most happy when... it's a beautiful day, I have a mesmerizing book in my hand, and I'm next to a body of water.

If I had a free afternoon I would... head to the lake with a book and my headphones or play a game with friends.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? I love camping and backpacking. The great thing about those activities is that they also include so many other outdoor activities. Camping is basically just living outside and I really enjoy that freedom.