Peyton-Levine Samuel

Peyton-Levine, Samuel

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Outdoor Leadership

B.S. Mathematics (University of Oregon) 
Cert. in Outdoor Leadership (University of Oregon)

I grew up in New Hampshire, spending my childhood years playing outside. I performed in a school circus for two years in 7th and 8th grade. I attended Dublin School as a student and moved on to the West Coast to earn my Mathematics degree at the University of Oregon. I spent my summers leading canoe expeditions for young people, in the wilderness of northern Canada. These trips lasted from 10 to 35 days long and ranged as far north as the arctic circle. My experience as a wilderness guide inspired me to become a teacher.

What teacher has had the greatest impact on you? Why were they special? Although I have had some great classroom teachers, the important teacher has been my identical twin brother, Tobin. I continue to learn life lessons from him, like learning to let go, refrain from comparing, and having patience.

I am most happy when... Plodding on a long run letting my mind wander in a fun land of imagination -- or thinking nothing at all.

What mistake have you made that ended up leading to a positive outcome? Leaving Dublin after a couple years to move out west was a big risk. Perhaps a feeling of the 'grass is greener' was motivating me. But, now I return, hopefully, wiser and thankfully with the love of my life by my side.

If I had a free afternoon I would... Take the time to get ingredients to cook a meal and listen to some of my favorite tunes while singing along.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? It is hard to choose a favorite activity, as there are so many activities that I find joy in. Depending on the season, I could be running, mountain biking, skiing, or playing disk golf. Playing guitar and cooking are some of my favorite indoor pastimes.