Mayo Karen

Mayo, Karen

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BS Bentley College; MBA Plymouth State College

I am married with a son who is a junior in high school (15-16). Both my husband and I grew up in NH, in different parts of the state. We love to travel, whether it is getting in the car on a weekend to see what we can see that is new and different within a day's drive, or going out west to a national park that we haven't been to yet. 
My work life has been in the accounting field, spanning being the controller of a small retail mail-order company, to being the internal auditor of a NH banking organization, to running my own CPA firm.

What book has made you think the most?  'Deadline' by Chris Crutcher is a young adult novel that explores some deep themes. It features an 18 year old boy who finds out he is dying during his athletic physical exam before his senior year, and what happens during the year after he decides to keep his illness a secret. I've thought about not only secrets and their consequences, but responsibilities of being in relationship to others, higher power beliefs, and more.

What is your favorite course you have taken in high school or college? My college Philosophy course was so different from my typical pragmatic, detail-oriented work and (then) school life, that I really enjoyed it. I wish I had kept all of the books that were required reading, and my notes and tests, so that I could go back now and remember how and what my younger self was thinking.

What mistake have you made that ended up leading to a positive outcome? I did not sit for my Certified Public Accountant exam as soon as I graduated from college. Instead, I went directly into private industry accounting, and decided to sit for the exam a number of years later. It would have been much easier right out of school, but it ended up working out. To become a CPA, a person needs to pass the exam and have a number of years of experience working for a CPA firm. Most folks do that right out of school, beginning with a CPA firm as their first employer. If I had done that, I would have left accounting all together, since I found working in public accounting stressful and boring. So even though it was more difficult to pass the exam and then get my experience for the CPA designation, I knew that it was a short term stress that would ultimately lead to many more avenues of job possibilities. And I love what I am doing now :)

If I had a free afternoon I would... Meet with a few girlfriends and take a hike in the woods looking for newts or mushrooms or anything else interesting, or going out for a sweet treat in town, or both!

What is your favorite outdoor activity? I love easy hikes with great views - my current favorite is going to Rollins State Park in Warner, NH, where we drive 3 miles up the mountain, and hike the last half mile. You can see a 360 degree view, from Mt. Washington to Boston, on a clear day.