Luxmoore Sophie

Luxmoore, Sophie

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Learning Specialist

Bachelor of Science in Theater
Masters of Arts in Teaching: Special Education

After finishing college, I headed to LA to work on movie sets. I worked on the production side of many movies that you have never heard of before. When I decided to return to the East Coast, I decided to become a teacher. I joined the DC Teaching Fellowship in 2003. Since then I have worked with students in self-contained classrooms, integrated classrooms and general education English classrooms.

What book has made you think the most? In high school, The Autobiography of Malcolm X change my perspective on American culture and politics in countless ways.

Other notable books
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Prayer for Owen Meany

A Town like Alice

I could go on and I am always looking for recommendations!

What teacher has had the greatest impact on you? Why were they special? In high school, Mr. Burke taught "Literature of the 60s", it was the first class where the teacher wasn't lecturing us, but helping navigate our discussions, many of which got heated. He taught us how to be respectful and encouraged open minds to understand different perspectives.

What is your favorite course you have taken in high school or college? Well, I loved school. Two of my high school favorites were "Literature of the 60s" and "Global Problems." Both of the classes were non-traditional classes. One was pure discussion. The other was researching, writing and teaching about a subject that we got to choose. Both classes challenged me and allowed me to pursue something that was interesting to me.

What is your favorite place on campus and why? I cannot wait to find out, but the Learning Center's view from the conference room was compelling.

I am most happy when... I am playing with my baby, who is less and less of a baby everyday.

If I had a free afternoon I would... read a book on a porch.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? Hiking is my current favorite, but my sister says I will love nordic skiing once I try it.