Imhoff, Teresa

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International Student Coordinator

BA Boston College

Born and raised in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Sunday dinners with extended family, and working at my dad's small, Italian grocery store through most of high school, gave me great understanding of old-fashioned values and my Italian heritage, of which I am intensely proud. Attended college and worked for 9 years in the publishing industry in both Boston and New York, doing marketing and sales for a small mathematics publisher and then for Random House. I met my husband in New York City on Yankee Opening Day, and moved to Westport, CT for 16 years, where we were happily raising our three children (two are Dublin School kids). After a few long walks in the rain, where we have made some of our most important decisions, we surprised ourselves, and moved the clan to New Hampshire, where we now enjoy waking up every morning to a view of Mount Monadnock, walking our three dogs, playing in the snow, swimming in lakes, and listening to corny music.

What book has made you think the most? Doris Kearns Goodwin, Team of Rivals, continues to be a favorite in that it affirms a belief that opposing sides of the political aisle can actually work together through incredibly difficult times for a common good.

What is your favorite place on campus and why? I love to stop on my way from Morning Meeting back to the schoolhouse and look east out over lower field to the long view out to the mountains. It's one of the most beautiful views on campus and a good place to stop, pause, be grateful, or just simply enjoy the view.

I am most happy when... all three kids are home sitting around the kitchen table eating, talking, arguing, and laughing with each other.

If I had a free afternoon I would... make room on the living room couch for one of my dogs, light a fire, read a book, and make some time to write a letter to someone.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? I'd like to say cross country skiing or hiking, because at Dublin, it's encouraged in such a way that I have, in fact, grown to like it. But, in no way, would I call it my favorite thing. Nothing beats walking with the dogs on the trails on campus on a Sunday afternoon.