Johnson, Brooks

Johnson, Brooks.jpg


Dean of Students

BA Salve Regina University

Originally from Concord, NH and graduate of Tilton School.  Was a member of the Men's Ice Hockey and Lacrosse Teams at Salve Regina University.  Prior to Dublin, served as Assistant Coach of Women's Lacrosse at Keene State College Keene, NH and General Manager of Indoor Action Sports Greenfield, MA. Currently in Hill House.

What is your favorite course you have taken in high school or college? Modern Ireland, it was the first time in my academic career that I found a genuine passion and curiosity for a subject. I continue to study and do research on the topic in an effort to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding for the complexities of Irish history and the patterns and similarities shared within our own historical journey.

What is your favorite place on campus and why? The Sugar Bush. There is a spot at the highest point on the maple sap lines with a great view of the valley. It has the oldest trees in our orchard. Depending on how you look at it, it represents the beginning or the end.

I am most happy when... I am most happy when... I am outside. Whether it's on the trails, the lake, or the mountain there is just something special about taking in the sights and sounds of nature.

If I had a free afternoon I would...  In the Spring, Summer, or Fall I would get into the greenhouse or the garden. There is something very therapeutic about playing in the dirt. In the Winter, I seek out the non-groomed ski trails as it is a thrill to be the first to break trail on newly fallen snow.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? Pond Hockey. I believe playing shinny is the purest form of the game, and there is a great community feel about our hockey pond on campus.

LeClair, Laurie


Assistant to the Dean of Students

BA, English, Keene State College
AA, Liberal Arts, Dean Jr. College

I am a Monadnock region native. I live in Peterborough with my husband, Adam and son, Taylor (11). I have worked for many years in Marketing and Customer Service. I enjoy travelling and reading. I don't have the opportunity to do either, as much as I would like. I am excited to be working at Dublin School, and I look forward to having a long future here.

What book has made you think the most? When I was a freshman in college, one of the first assignments I had was to study the poem by Jenny Joseph, "When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple". I was inspired by this poem for many reasons, the main one being that it is chock-full of life lessons. Secondly, I was touched by this piece of writing, which was written by a woman who was born in the 1930's, it was published ten years before I was born, yet I felt a connection to it, and that blew my mind. So, because this question is about a book...based on how I felt about this poem, I read the book by the same name (edited by Sandra Haldeman Martz), which was a collection of stories and poems, full of sadness and hope, ups and downs, a collection of writings about true life and with that I began to think about my life and the lives of those who touch mine, in a different perspective. Overall, I think this book guided me in growing up and finding my way.

What is your favorite place on campus and why? Since I am new I reserve the right to change my mind, but at this time the center of the Quad is my favorite place on campus. I like it because it is a great spot to take in the campus and gain perspective on the beautiful New England area that we live in.

I am most happy when...  when I am with my family.

If I had a free afternoon I would... I would go to a city and wader thorough shops, museums, and galleries.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? My favorite outdoor activity is downhill skiing. I learned to ski when I was four years old and I began teaching my son Taylor at the same age. Now, I find it hard to keep up with him.