McLeod, Jenner



B.A. Psychology Kenyon College

I grew up in Madison Wisconsin with my two younger sisters Anders and Hollis and my parents Eric and Jenner. I spent my childhood swimming and spending Saturday's at Wisconsin Badger football games. I am a huge Badger fan! I attended Deerfield Academy for boarding school. Many of my fondest memories from Deerfield took place outside of the classroom whether it was during a feed in the dorm or a tough workout in the pool. I was fortunate to surround myself with faculty and students who shared the love of learning and taking advantage of a once in a lifetime experience. I loved my boarding school experience and am excited to return to the boarding school setting at Dublin this fall.

Following Deerfield I decided to return to the midwest to attend Kenyon College in Gambier Ohio. At Kenyon I majored in psychology and was a member of the swim team during my four years and captain of the women's team my senior year. I enjoyed the small liberal arts setting and even though I did not get to know all 1700 students, I was able to form incredibly close bonds with 70 teammates each of my four years there as well as my fellow psychology majors. I am excited to be in a smaller environment with an emphasis on community. I look forward to working in the Dublin admissions office this fall.

What teacher has had the greatest impact on you? Why were they special?: My advisor/coach/teacher Sonja O'Donnell from Deerfield Academy. Mrs. O'Donnell was an integral part of my boarding school experience from the moment I met her as a prospective swim coach to the day I graduated. She taught me life lessons in and out of the pool and remains a very special person in my life today. Her door was always open ready to engage her visitors with conversation and delicious food. She taught me the importance of being present in life. I was fortunate to share many incredible moments with her in a variety of settings whether it be in the classroom, the pool, on the river, or in her apartment. I am very grateful for the time we shared and thankful we stay in touch today.

How would your friends describe you in three words?: Passionate, Easy Going, Efficient

What is your favorite course you have taken in high school or college?: My junior year of college I enrolled in a psychology course called "Adolescence." It was taught by one of my favorite psychology professors who I also conducted research with. The course essentially walked us through all psychological aspects of the adolescent period of an individuals life. It was very interesting and quite entertaining to learn about concepts that I experienced not that long ago. It inspired me to research current dating culture in college and later look into adolescents use of media. As times continue to change with media and technology, development especially during the adolescent period is becoming more complicated. It was great to take a course to attempt to understand its psychological elements but as someone who is still in the "emerging adulthood" developmental phase, I still have a lot of learning to do.

I am most happy when...: I am spending time with family and friends. I also love the feeling of finishing a tough workout... completing this with friends is even better.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?: Taking our family dog Arthur for long walks in my neighborhood.