Our greatest strength... the faculty that teach at Dublin.

That's the Goal

We want to see our students walk out of our classrooms inspired, curious, and just plain wowed. When it comes to educating young people our goal should be nothing less. I tell my students that one of my hopes is that something they learned or discussed in class that day will keep them up at night thinking or planning a response. I have found that young people love authentic challenges, they want to solve real problems and be taken seriously. Young people have ideas; ideas that may need structuring or more research, but ideas just the same. As a history teacher I want my students to do history, not just read about it. Students love when we put ideas in tension, when they see that they can disagree with a scientific hypothesis or literary interpretation, or create an original work of art. When I recruit teachers, chefs, support staff or carpenters at Dublin School I am looking to put together a diverse team of educators from a variety of backgrounds, but they all must believe in and respect the power and potential of an individual student’s intellect, character and personality.

At Dublin, our students interview teaching candidates and give them tours of the campus before the candidates meet with other teachers. It takes a special individual to connect with students on a deep and intellectual level. So, after the day of interviews I go right to the students to ask them about the candidates, and what do I hope they say? “Wow”. Hired. 

Brad Bates - Head of School