Equity and Inclusion

When Dublin School was established in 1935, founders Paul and Nancy Lehmann wholeheartedly believed that each student must be given an equitable opportunity. Under the Lehmanns’ leadership, chores were shared by all the young people on campus, regardless of socioeconomic status, and, with that shared responsibility, each student was given opportunities to thrive academically, athletically, and socially.  

Dublin School supports the following student-led organizations:

  • Amnesty International
  • Civil Discourse Club
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
  • Jewish Student Union (JSU)
  • Model United Nations (Model UN)
  • Students of Color Alliance (SoCA)

Today, we work to honor the Lehmanns’ dedication to provide a meaningful and rigorous education for all Dublin students. Equity and inclusion are at the core of Dublin School’s principles and are reflected through a communal accountability fostered by a student body that is as multicultural as it is multifaceted. We are committed to supporting community members of all economic, ethnic, racial, and geographic backgrounds and all gender expressions, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and learning styles. We assert that an understanding of the interrelated nature of these identities is necessary to prepare students to thrive in an increasingly pluralistic and multicultural world. We acknowledge that the development of an inclusive, supportive environment is not a static threshold that can be reached but a commitment that we must renew each day through purposeful action and institutional reflection. We wholeheartedly accept and celebrate this opportunity.

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Dublin School is committed to supporting the intellectual and emotional growth of all of its members—working across our intersectional identities in the spirit of inclusion. We believe that this goal is achieved through acknowledging that we do not live in a homogenous society, nor a colorblind society, nor an unbiased one. Through examining bias and working to learn from and understand one another, we seek to embrace our differences and to continually ask ourselves how to better treat each other with justice and empathy. We seek to continuously re-evaluate how our relationships, programs, and goals serve justice. We seek to educate ourselves and each other in theory, history, and social justice. We believe that the most profound justice work is often uncomfortable; it requires truth and courage, which are at the core of Dublin School’s ethos.

The goals of Dublin’s equity and inclusion program are two-fold:

  • First, we work to support individuals in examining what they value, the lenses through which they observe the world, the questions that matter to them, and the varied perspectives that inform each of their multicultural identities.

  • Second, through our Student Life, Academic, and Athletic programs, we work to invite our students and faculty/staff to consider those voices that are excluded or silenced, those perspectives that are not directly represented, those whose stories are full of wisdom and insight, and those whose perspectives will help deepen and complicate our own. Through programming, professional development, and curriculum, we cultivate habits of mind and heart that will nourish our students to be as courageous and truthful as they can be.

Dublin School strives to adhere to the NAIS Principles of Good Practice for Equity and Justice.

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Community Programs and Events

Black History Month

During Black History Month, Dublin School arranges for various guest speakers to present on weekends and/or Morning Meetings. In addition, the School hosts:

  • Weekend screenings of films about Black History

  • Community reading

  • Poetry and arts events during Morning Meeting

  • Curricular celebrations of and discussions of Black History

Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month, SoCA (Students of Color Alliance) hosts a Friday evening event to celebrate Latinx & Hispanic Cultures. The event includes educational presentations, trivia, food, music, and salsa lessons.

In addition, Dublin School celebrates with the following events:

  • Guest speaker

  • Community reading

  • Hispanic Heritage Month menus in the Dining Hall

  • Putnam Art Gallery Exhibit

Inspires Speaker Series

Dublin Inspires brings new experiences to our students, honoring our mission to awaken a curiosity for knowledge and a passion for learning. Approximately once per month, a Friday evening is dedicated to a special performance or presentation. We strive to create a program of events each year that features diverse fields and modes of expression. Artists, speakers, performers, and professionals from all walks of life share their talents and experiences and engage in meaningful dialogue with our community.

For a listing of past and future events please go here.

Students of Color Alliance's A Seat at the Table Conference:

SoCA’s annual A Seat at the Table Conference is student-inspired and student-run. SoCA works with the entire school community to brainstorm and prioritize workshop topics that the student body is interested in addressing; SoCA hosts an all-school unconference based on those results. At an unconference, each student has the opportunity to select which sessions they will attend from a list of seven to ten topics. The leaders of each session, using the Courageous Conversations model, guide the session with participants’ questions. They center each session on understanding, empathy, and inquiry. The adults in the school community are welcome to attend the unconference, but they do not speak during the sessions. The sessions are designed for and by students, and we honor that dialogue and all of the complications, questions, and recognitions that emerge from it.

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Sexuality Education Fair:

The Sexuality Education Fair is a springtime all-school event. It is prepared by one class at Dublin—English 12: Advanced Topics in Self, Sexuality, and Society. This group of students, as part of the core coursework in this elective, creates a set of presentations on topics ranging from body image to hypermasculinity to comprehensive sexuality education programs to the effects of pornography on society. Each student prepares an in-depth research paper and a 15-minute presentation on their topic. At the Fair, each Dublin student has the opportunity to attend at least three presentations.