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We will open the trails for mountain biking, running and hiking once the danger of leaving ruts in the trails has dissipated. We ask that people use the trails responsibly and avoid using them when the trails are muddy. We plane to expand our mountain bike trails in the summer of 2018. 

  • NEPSAC Championships 2/20/19

  • Eastern Cup-Dublin Double 2/23/19

  • Harvard Carnival January 2020

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Photo by: William H. Gnade Photography

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The International Ski Federation (FIS) voted recently to sanction Dublin School’s Nordic Center.  Dublin School’s state of the art race course is the first high school course in the world to receive this certificate of homologation. The homologation process establishes an international standard for race courses to provide guidelines for course design and construction. Dublin School went through a rigorous inspection and application process to secure their homologation.

The homologated five kilometer course, designed by John Morton of Morton Trails, had to meet specific guidelines for course width, hill variety, length of climbs, safety of downhills, and size of the start and finish stadium. According to Dublin ski coach and Head of School Brad Bates, “the application process for homologation with the FIS has been a fascinating an educational process. I have spent a great deal of time with John Morton and the inspector from the FIS. The FIS is determined to create the fairest and most challenging venues possible. I have always seen courses from the athlete’s perspective and now I see them from the race organizer’s standpoint. We need to create courses that avoid bottlenecks so that athletes in a mass start have an equal shot at winning regardless of their starting position. Our course balances the artistry of John Morton and the technical aspects required by the FIS.”

Dublin’s course was intentionally designed to take advantage of Dublin’s high elevation (the course tops out at 1800 feet above sea level) and north-facing aspect. The course is in high demand due to its proximity to Boston and surrounding communities.  According to Brad Bates, Head of School, “FIS homologation prequalifies Dublin to host national and international events where athletes hope to earn FIS points and qualify for the US National Team. For us, however, we are just happy to have such a fun and technical venue for our skiers to learn and enjoy the sport of skiing. None of this would have happened without the vision and support of Michael Lehmann, the son of our school’s founders, Paul and Nancy Lehmann. I also appreciate the efforts of our Buildings and Grounds Team and the support of trustee George Foote, who were all involved in constructing these trails. Our skiers already cannot wait for the 2016-17 season!”

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The Dublin School Nordic Center opened in January 2014. The 8 km trail system,  provides the school with a state of the art training and racing facility to complement its long-existing 20 km trail system below Harrisville Road. By combining the School's trails with those of Yankee Publishing's trails, skiers can now ski from the Dublin General Store to the summit of Beech Hill. The trails are designed to be challenging and fun, with lots of twists and turns to keep young people entertained while developing important skills and balance for the sport.

The Nordic Center is free and open to the public when not being used for school and regional events, and when conditions are safe for skiing.

*During regular season, our hope is that trails will be groomed and ready to ski on by 10:00 am each day.

The public is asked to fill out the attached waiver or an Electronic Waiver for use of the trails and to send it to the Dublin School Nordic Center care of Anne Mackey at PO Box 522, Dublin NH 03444.

Skiers are reminded that the trails are designed to be challenging, that unmarked hazards may exist, and that the trails are not patrolled. We ask that people only ski and snowshoe on the trails. Pets are prohibited at the Nordic Center.

We thank Michael Lehmann and Nancy Haynes, children of the founders of Dublin School—Paul and Nancy Lehmann, who donated the land and resources to develop the Nordic Center. They believe strongly in the power that comes from getting young people outside in the winter on a pair of skis.