Boys Tennis at Lakes Region Championships - May 19, 2018

We had a chance to make Wildcat history yesterday at the Lakes Region Tournament at Cardigan Mountain. James Wolpe and Rohan Gold were favored in the #1 and #2 singles draw. The #1 and #2 Doubles draw was up for grabs. Eric Freeman and Otto Vogel played their the best doubles of the year and Alex Goltz and Will Boot should we say had a little luck of the draw and before we knew we had all four Wildcats in the Finals. It was a chance to make history. No Wildcat team has ever had four teams in the final with a chance to sweep the whole tournament! James and Rohan made quick work of their singles matches winning the #1 and #2 Finals 6 -1.

Eric and Otto got an early break in the match but couldn't quite hold on losing the match 6-4.  Alex and Will were up 4 -2 40- love serving to go up 5 -2 but the pressures of a first time ever Final crept in. Losing their serve seemed to take the wind out and they lost the match 6 - 4. It was a fantastic tournament ending a fantastic year. Great job to everyone! 

Boys Tennis vs. Vermont Academy - Loss (3-6) - May 14, 2018

Tennis fans,

Great weather, great fan base, great competition yesterday. VA came to play and put Dublin to the test. All the singles matches were close but we couldn't quite get the "W" when we needed it. After losing five of the six singles matches, we wanted to finish strong and we did by winning two out of the three doubles. It will be a full week of practice then off to Cardigan Mtn for the Lakes Region JV Tournament on Saturday. 

Go Wildcats!

Girls Tennis vs. Proctor Academy JV - Win - May 9, 2018

Dublin girls played their hearts out on Wednesday. They worked hard for every point and were tenacious and gracious. A very proud moment for Dublin to have shown such fortitude coupled with impeccable sportsmanship. Wow!!  Great job Dublin!!

Mya Kerwin (Hancock, NH) - 8-3
Taya Kerwin (Hancock, NH) - 8-4
Amelia Pyron (Framingham, MA) -8-6
Grace Harrington (Sharon, NH) -8-4
Olivia O'Rourke (Peterborough, NH) - 8-6
Antonia Bean (Montpelier, VT) - 0-8

Mya/Taya - 8-3
Grace/Antonia - 8-4
Amelia/Olivia - 6-8

Boys Tennis vs. Cushing Academy JV - Win (8-0) - May 5, 2018

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the Boys Tennis Team powered their way to an 8 - 0 victory over the Cushing Academy JV squad.   Gratifying win with our  #2 and #3 singles players out. 

Singles victories:

1. Rohan Gold (Forest Hills, NY)
2. Owen Mortner (Cambridge, MA)
3. Otto Vogel (Dublin, NH)
4. Eric Freeman (Needham, MA)
5. Will Boot (Larchmont, NY)
6. Alex Goltz (Dallas, TX)

Doubles Victories:

1. Rohan Gold / Eric Freeman
2. Will Boot / Alex Goltz

Tennis vs. Eagle Hill School - Win (7-0) - May 4, 2018

Today was an interestingly fun coed match against Eagle Hill. Kinda reminded us of a World Team Tennis match with the 7 - 0 victory going to Dublin.

Rohan Gold (Forest Hills, NY) and James Wolpe (Dublin, NH) filled the one and two spots Amelia Pyron (Framingham, MA)  while and Olivia O'Rourke (Peterborough, NH) took on the three and four singles matches.

Team Kerwin ( Mya and Taya Kerwin (Hancock, NH)) got the doubles rolling as Owen Mortner (Cambridge, MA) and Alex Goltz (Dallas, TX) followed suit. Otto Vogel (Dublin, NH) and Grace Harrington (Sharon, NH) finished out the match at #3. Great job everyone!

Girls Tennis vs. Vermont Academy - Loss - (1-6) PM - May 2, 2018

The Dublin girls played with heart and fought the tough conditions of extreme heat and longer matches. The scores do not reflect the feel of the match. The points were long and there were many sudden death points that didn’t go our way. Such a proud day for the Dublin girls as they never gave up and presented strong right to the end.

Amelia Pyron (Framingham, MA) won her match in a second set tie breaker.

Great job!!

Boys Tennis vs. Cardigan Mountain School - Loss (4-5) - May 2, 2018

When we look back at today's match we think the first word that comes to mind is responsibility. We had a great match against Cardigan Mountain. Because we did not have a regular line up it had a huge effect on our 5 - 4 loss. The weather was fantastic and the crowd support was awesome.

Match results:


  1. Rohan Gold      8 - 1 W

  2. James Wolpe   6 - 8  L

  3. Otto Vogel        2 - 8  L

  4. Eric Freeman   1 - 8  L

  5. Owen Mortner  8 - 7 W

  6. Alex Goltz        2 - 8  L 


  1. James / Rohan   8 - 2 W

  2. Otto / Eric           1 - 8  L 

  3. Will B / Alex        8 - 6 W