Ultimate Frisbee at RVAL Tournament - May 16, 2018

Dublin (DUT) started the day against Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School, and it was clear from the start that Dublin’s experience would carry them to victory. DUT finished off the game 13-0 and got some extra rest before the second round.

DUT then played Four Rivers JV, which is actually one of the stronger teams in the region. DUT quickly jumped out to a lead with strong play from its senior class. Without too much struggle, DUT put the game away by a score of 13-5.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Winchendon School - Senior Day - Win 15-12 - May 9, 2018

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Winchendon School - Senior Day - Win 15-12 - May 9, 2018

On Wednesday, May 9, Dublin Ultimate played its senior game, hosting Winchendon School. After jumping out to a commanding 5-0 lead, Dublin gave its younger and less experienced players time to develop. Dublin won the first half 8-6. In a similar back and forth fashion, Dublin controlled the second half, never leading by fewer than two points. Hard cap went off at 13-9, but coaches from both teams elected to play all the way to 15. Dublin prevailed in the end, 15-12.

Miles Morgan, '18, led the scoring with 11 points, while Silas Howe, '18, was good for 11 assists. Harrison Atlas, '18, who scored 3 goals himself, played a solid game defensively, registering 5 Ds. At the conclusion of the game, coaches Maguire and Phinney honored each of the seniors with flowers and short speeches of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the team. This year's seniors are: Silas Howe, Miles Morgan, Harrison Atlas, Sean Brown, Timmy Stone, and Faith Lewis. We will miss you!

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Four Rivers Ultimate Invitational Tournament - May 5, 2018

Dublin 11 - North Hampton JV 6
Dublin 4 - Pioneer 13
Dublin 12 - Four Rivers JV 8
Dublin 3 - Frontier 13

On Saturday, May 5, Dublin Ultimate Team traveled to Greenfield, MA, for the Four Rivers ultimate tournament. Early wind and cool air gave way to strong sun as the day grew longer. 

In the opening game, against North Hampton JV, DUT played dominant zone defense, forcing turnovers and capitalizing on easy scoring opportunities, as well as converting several long hucks for scores. After winning the first half, DUT played mixed lines in the second half. James Bostrop '21, scored his first of 2 goals on the day, and Reed Brencher '20, had a strong defensive showing, with 3 Ds.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Academy at Charlemont - Win (9-5) - April 18, 2018

Dublin stepped out to an early lead against Charlemont with strong play from Silas Howe and Miles Morgan, who connected for multiple goals early on. However, the wind became a challenge for Dublin, and Charlemont’s zone gave them some trouble early on. The handler trio of Howe, Grady Allen, and Timmy Stone adjusted their play and used big swing passes to move the disc horizontally across the field, tiring out the zone of Charlemont. Dublin took the first half 8-3 with a pass from Sean Brown to Rachel Zhong for her first goal of the season! The play started with a nearly full field huck from Howe to Brown, which was DUT’s first real glimpse of Brown’s playmaking potential. The 6’4” senior and first year player continues to impress with his athleticism, and he will be a matchup nightmare for RVAL teams in the upcoming tournament. Due to time cap, the second half was abbreviated, and Dublin went on to win 9-5.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Eaglebrook School - Win - April 21, 2018

In 2017, Eaglebrook was one of DUT’s most difficult opponents, so the team knew they had to take the junior boarding school seriously in this game. Eaglebrook capitalized on two drops by Dublin to jump out to a 2-0 lead, which had the home team a bit nervous. However, the veteran Dublin squad took a collective deep breath and successfully punched in a much needed hold to make it 2-1 Eaglebrook. Then, Dublin broke to tie the game at 2-2. At this point, both teams started playing much cleaner offense, and they traded points until the game was 7-7. The next point was crucial because it would decide which team had the momentum going into halftime.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Putney School - Win (12-6) - April 14, 2018

On Saturday, Dublin hosted Putney at Upper Field for their 2018 home opener. The temperature was 50 degrees at the start of the game, which made for ideal conditions. In the first half, it was clear that DUT had learned a lot from their first game against Four Rivers. The vertical stack was more organized, resets looked sharper, and players were on the same page defensively. Senior captain, Miles Morgan, stepped up at the start of the game, scoring the first 3 goals and recording a block. He would finish with 7 goals. Silas Howe also had a big game, with 2 goals, 8 assists, and 7 blocks. Dublin easily took the first half 8-3.

However, the weather became a factor as temperatures dropped into the low 30s. The disc became much harder to catch, and unforced errors became increasingly prevalent for both teams. Despite this, Dublin powered through and eventually took a 12-6 victory. Timmy Stone was the unsung hero of the game. He notched only one assist, but he had numerous possession saving catches, which were key in enabling DUT to stay in control of the game. First-year player, James Bostrup also made an impact, tallying 4 blocks, despite being thrust into a brand new role on defense.

DUT now looks forward to their next test against Charlemont on Wednesday.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Four Rivers Charter Public School - Loss (6-15) - April 11, 2018

After multiple weather-related game cancellations, Dublin finally got to play its first game of the year against Four Rivers. With 50 degree temperatures and a slight breeze in Greenfield, MA, the conditions were perfect for ultimate. Dublin started the game strong, trading downwind points and then getting an upwind break to jump out to an early 4-3 lead. From then on, Four Rivers dominated the scoring, eventually taking the game 15-6. Despite the score, the play was extremely competitive throughout. Dublin had a number of other scoring opportunities but had trouble capitalizing in the red zone. 

Captains Silas Howe, Harrison Atlas, and Miles Morgan led the way for Dublin on offense. Newcomers Phillip Simons and Colin Brown also scored their first goals ever. With this in-game experience, Dublin now looks forward with confidence to their matchup against Putney on Saturday.

The Rise of DUT

The Rise of DUT

In 2016, Denis Maguire joined the faculty and took over the DUT program with Phinney. Maguire, an accomplished player at Bowdoin had high hopes in his first year.  He expected the high level techniques and strategies that he had learned at Bowdoin and in club ultimate to translate instantly to the Dublin field.  While some did, most did not, and Maguire realized that the team simply wasn’t ready for what he thought would work.  As the 2016 season progressed, Maguire and Phinney refocused on developing throwing fundamentals and implementing a zone defense to counteract the potent offenses that they faced.  While the team made progress through 2016, competitive results lagged — games were closer than before but the overall record reflected our inexperience.