Crew at Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta - Lowell, MA - May 11 & 12, 2019

Crew at Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta - Lowell, MA - May 11 & 12, 2019

The crew travelled to Lowell, MA to compete in the Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta this weekend. This event is highly competitive, with about 25 high school and club teams from MA and NH bringing their squads to participate in this two-day event. Dublin entered a varsity 4, 2nd varsity 4, and novice 4 for both boys and girls. With only 5 weeks of practice, it was challenging to race teams that row all year, and yet the Dublin squad had excellent results. 

Every event began with a time trial. Each boat rowed the 2,000 meter course, one boat after another, trying to go as fast as possible. The boats were then sorted based on their time. The fastest six finishers in each event went to the "A finals", the next six to the "B finals", and so on. Four of the six Dublin crews earned a place in the A finals, and the other two went to the B finals. Again, against such depth of competition, it was an impressive accomplishment for the Dublin program.

Crew at Dublin Invitational - Saturday, April 27, 2019

On a cold, windy day that featured intermittent snow flurries, the Dublin crews had their first full race of the season against two other teams: Lebanon Rowing and Great Bay Rowing. The high wind even made launching and landing from the dock difficult. Novices from these teams raced in 8's, and despite only have a few practices, all the teams did well. The varsity and 2nd varsity boats had "racing experiences" -- all the teams struggled to keep their balance and to steer the course as wind gusts went over 25mph. The parents and friends of Dublin crew offered lots of good food and enthusiastic cheering to the athletes, and it was a productive learning situation for the Dublin crews.

Crew at Stotesbury Regatta and Granite State Championship Regatta - May 18-20,2018

The boys' rowers had a full and successful conclusion to their racing season. The varsity boat, with three sophomores and two juniors, first traveled to Camden, NJ to compete in the Stotesbury Regatta on Friday and Saturday, May 18 -19. This enormous regatta has nearly 6,000 athletes competing from almost 200 different scholastic rowing programs in a variety of events. The Dublin boys raced in the "Junior-4 with coxswain" event -- meaning that none of the athletes were in their senior year. This was the first time Dublin School has ever competed in the Stotesbury. It was an eye-opening experience for the team to see the breadth and depth of rowing competition from all over the U.S. and Canada that was there to race.

All boats had to row a 1,500-meter time trial, and the top 12 boats went to a semi-final round. There were 65 entries in the boys' junior-4 event, so making the semi-finals was going to be a challenging task. The odds were not in our favor. Overcoming the difficult conditions of high wind, rain, and cold, the boys' boat surprised the field and finished with an impressive 5th place in the time trial. They then raced in the semi-final and were just a fraction of a second away from earning a starting spot in the final. It was a successful regatta experience, and the group returned to Dublin Saturday night full of optimism and dreams of future racing at the highest level.

The group could not rest, however, as the varsity boat had to get up early Sunday morning to travel with the entire Dublin team to race in the Granite State Championship Regatta. Even Mr. Hungerford who had driven the boat to the Stotesbury and back, was up early Sunday morning to take the full trailer with all the shells up to Lebanon, NH for the race. The boys entered a varsity-4, 2nd varsity-4, novice-4, and 2nd novice-4, and all of these crews made it to the finals. Both the varsity-4 and novice-4 boats won their championship races, and the 2nd varsity and 2nd novice boats gave their full and best effort in their races.

On the women's side, we entered a varsity-4 and a 2nd varsity-4 at the Granite States Championship. The 2nd varsity-4 came in 3rd in their heat, missing qualifying for finals. The varsity-4 won their heat and entered the finals with the fastest time. All four boats entering the finals were within 5 seconds of each other in preliminary heats, setting up an exciting final in the afternoon. The race proved as close as expected. Dublin edged out a win by less than a second, beating both Derryfield and Lebanon who they had lost to earlier in the season. It was an exciting finish for seniors Devyn Itula and Zoe Hewitt! We'd like to thank seniors Zoe, Devyn, and Nancy Rose Unser for their contributions to the crew program. We look forward to continuing to follow Zoe's rowing career as she heads off to the University of Virginia in the fall.

The racing season is now over, and the boats will be put back in the boathouse to wait for next spring. The teams have earned some well-deserved rest after their weeks of training and racing. There were no seniors in the boys' program this year, so their accomplishments are all the more impressive considering the youth and inexperience of the group. We all want to thank the parents for their support of the athletes, for bringing food to the away races, and for cheering all the teams. Thanks to Mr. Hungerford for all his assistance with driving the trailer, and thanks to the volunteer coaches - Mr. Jack Calhoun and Mr. Jeff Dickler - who came every afternoon to help teach and mentor the novice rowers. They are great examples of how rowing is a lifetime sport and passion, and the Dublin athletes are just at the beginning of their rowing journey.

Crew at Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta - May 12 & 13, 2018

Crew competed in the Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta this weekend for a 2-day event, racing against up to 24 different teams in each event. Many of these teams are club programs that row three seasons. With about a month of on-the-water rowing time, Dublin did quite well against the tough competition. 

While most of the school was asleep after Friday night's prom festivities, 25 rowers and coxswains embarked to Lowell at dawn. The race was structured with a 1900 meter time trial Saturday morning. The results of the time trial seeded boats for the finals, with 1-6 place going to the A final, 7-12 going to the B final, 13-18 going to the C final, and 19-24 going to the D final. The finals were held late Saturday afternoon for novices and second varsity boats and Sunday morning for first varsity boats. Finals were 2000 meters (500 meters longer than typical high school races). At the start, rowers needed to back their boats into a stakeboat to ensure all crews were exactly aligned at the start, a new challenge for our rowers. Racing 6 boats across in a buoyed course was exciting for the Dublin kids!

Crew at Derryfield Invitational Regatta - May 6, 2018

On Sunday, May 6, the Dublin crews traveled to Hooksett, NH to race in the Derryfield Invitational Regatta. It was perfect crew weather: cool, light rain, and no wind! This was the first away race for our large novice group, and they learned how to de-rig a boat, load a trailer, re-rig their equipment at a race site, and then reverse that process to return back to school. Coxswains had to navigate a new and unfamiliar race course, and rowers had to manage a "wet launch" - putting their boats into the river by wading in because there was no dock. These challenges were all separate from the good competition from the various teams at the regatta, and the Dublin athletes learned and enjoyed the whole process.
The girls' novice boat won their event, and the boys' novice group had two boats finishing 2nd and 4th. The girls' 2nd boat finished 2nd, and the boys' 2nd boat finished 3rd. The girls' varsity crew finished a close 4th, and the boys' varsity crew finished 2nd. These were good results with the limited water time this cold and difficult spring.
Many parents attended the race and provided enthusiastic cheering and much delicious food for the Dublin crews. The rowers and coaches were very thankful for their support!
The crews will travel and race next in Lowell, MA at the Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta on Saturday and Sunday, May 12-13.

Crew at Dublin Invitational - April 28, 2018

Crew at Dublin Invitational - April 28, 2018

Dublin crew was excited to finally have their first race of the season against Lebanon and Great Bay at the Steele Boathouse on Thorndike Pond. It was a sunny warm day, with a tailwind around 5-10 mph with higher gusts at times. With only two weeks of on-the-water rowing time after a very late ice out, the Dublin coaches were overall pleased with the efforts of all the crews today. We look forward to building on the momentum gained from this first racing experience. 

On the girl's side, Great Bay gave a dominating performance, winning both the 1V and 2V events by large margins. In the 1V, conditions were particularly gusty at the start. Dublin and Lebanon battled for second place for much of the race, with Lebanon crossing the line just ahead of Dublin. In the 2V, Dublin was slightly ahead of Lebanon approaching the finish line. Dublin crossed blades with Lebanon and was disqualified from the race. 

On the boy's side, Dublin's 1V with all rowers new to the first boat edged out a narrow win over Lebanon and Great Bay. Dublin's 2V, composed of two second-year rowers and two novices, gave a strong effort in their race to finish behind Lebanon. Because of our minimal practice time on the water, we ran two novice 8 events to allow the novices an opportunity to race as they improve their technique and prepare to row 4+s later in the season. In the Boys 8, Dublin had an early lead over Lebanon, but was unable to hold onto their lead. In the Open 8, Dublin collided with Lebanon about 100 meters into the race. The race was restarted and Lebanon edged out Dublin by 4 seconds. 

A Small Boat in a Big Pond

A Small Boat in a Big Pond

Over 11,000 athletes from all over the country and the world participated in the 53rd Annual Head of the Charles Regatta on September 21-22 and Dublin School students and alumni were among them.  Dublin School was successful in getting a lottery pick for this year’s Head of the Charles for the Women's Youth 4+ race.  Coxswain Laura Coffin ’19, Stroke Zoe Hewitt ’18, Faith Lewis ’18, Lauren Ryder ’19 and Imogen VonMertens ’20 represented Dublin well among the 86 boats in the race.  Navigating the crowds on the water (and in the parking lot) was not easy and took a lot of skill and courage for coaches Katie Curtis and Lindsay Brown and the team.  Overtaking several boats one particularly important corner, allowed the girls to finish 75th among the 86 boats in their race.  

Crew at Granite State 4+ Championship Regatta - Sunday, May 21, 2017

The boys and girls boats travelled up to Lebanon, NH to participate in the Granite State Championship Regatta on Sunday. There were six teams involved in this race for boys and girls 4+ boats. The "+" in rowing terminology indicates that the boat has a coxswain, the most essential person in any crew! The coxswains have to steer the boat, motivate the crew, and direct the athletes both on land and on the water. The rowers are visible to spectators while the coxswains are usually lying down in the front of the 4, keeping as low and aerodynamic a profile as possible, and are largely unseen. Their effort, however, is the glue that holds their boat together and maximizes their speed.

It was a successful day of racing for the various boats, and each individual boat also scored points towards a team total. Dublin finished 2nd in this team category. The boys Varsity and 2nd Varsity boats won their races by wide margins, putting lengths of open water between them and the next fastest crew. The girls Varsity boat raced courageously and sprinted furiously to claim 2nd place in their race. The girls 2nd Varsity also had a tremendous sprint to move into 3rd place in their race. The novice boats all raced well and finished with their best pieces of the season. The parents and alumni who came to cheer on Dublin were enthusiastic in their support of the team.