The temperatures are starting to claw their way above freezing, and the sun is increasingly strong and warming, yet, even so, there are surviving piles of snow and ice to show that spring is not fully here in Dublin. Thorndike Pond, where the rowers will eventually go for practice, is still frozen over. Thus, for these opening days of the spring term, rowing practice is taking place in the recital hall and up on the rowing machines in the gym area while we all await the "ice out" event. Let's hope it's soon!

Even with the challenges of supporting a rowing program in New England, the number of rowers in the program is at an all-time high. Currently, there are 24 boys and 22 girls, a nice mix of veteran and novice. There are seniors as well as freshmen out to try rowing for the first time. Somehow having to start the season indoors, and then brave tempestuous spring conditions once on the water, has not scared away Dublin students from coming out for crew.

Catching up with Annie Graves '73

Annie doesn’t have to go far to keep up with what’s happening at Dublin. In fact, as Home & Garden Editor for Yankee Magazine, her office is just across the street.  

In a recent conversation with Alumni Director Erika Rogers, Annie shared what she’s been up to these days through some of the articles she’s written for Yankee.  One piece she’s written is in the Jan-Feb 2019 issue of Yankee, called "The New Makers," and is about the next generation of skilled craftspeople who are carrying on with the old traditions, but taking them in new directions: 

A Lost Class Ring and Longshot Search for Reza Amjadi ‘79

It’s always a surprise what you might find in a student record file. In this case, it was a class ring found in the student file of Reza Amjadi ’79.

Although the ring was a tad tarnished it’s still in great condition. The blue stone is still remarkably bright and inscribed inside the band is Reza’s name. The ring had been lost, somewhere on Mount Monadnock, where it was later found sometime in May 1981 by a Steven Baratz. Mr. Baratz returned the ring to Dublin, and for whatever reason, it remained in Reza’s folder until Donna Stone in the Alumni Office recently came across it.

A Small but Tight Global Network

If you have ever traveled internationally, you know how comforting it is to see a familiar face when you disembark in a strange new place. So when I landed in Shenzhen, China on March 29th and found my former advisee Xing (Star) Xiong ’13 in the line of hired drivers and waiting family members, I smiled. Just like when I visited China 7 years before, Star was my guide and companion helping to ensure I was well fed and cared for as we ran from one meeting to the next. Our roles reversed, she was advising me, and I was very grateful.

Daryl Davis Inspiring Students

He unzips the small bag. It’s been sitting by the lectern for the past hour. The air gets sucked out of the room as he pulls out a white mask. 

On February 29th, the last Friday before exams, Daryl Davis showed up an hour early to campus. Davis is a famed jazz musician, but he came to Dublin as a prominent anti-racism activist. In particular, he is known for his work befriending and deconverting members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Phoebe Knox '14

My advisor was the famous and wonderful Associate Director of Admissions, Teresa Imhoff. I spent many hours hanging out in what was then the admissions building, the Schoolhouse, talking to prospective students and their families about the school. I loved communicating what I loved about Dublin and showing them how the faculty and staff were so close with the students. Dublin also taught me how to respectfully interact and communicate with adults, which helped greatly during my college internships.

A Fantastic Season for Dublin Snow Sports!

Dublin Alpine skiers navigated their way to a 3rd place finish for the girls and a 4th place finish for the boys at the NEPSAC Championships. Both the Boys and Girls Nordic teams won the NEPSAC Championship - the best in New England! Our snowboarding teams won Giant Slalom Lakes Region GS Snowboarding Championships at Okemo. 

If you are a cross-country skier, come on over and use the Dublin Nordic Center trails – conditions could not be better! Click here for information about the trails

Reach the Beach – Dublin School Alumni Team?

Any Ragnarians out there? Who’s up for putting together a Dublin School Alumni and Former Faculty Team for the 2019 Ragnar Reach the Beach Race, September 13-14, 2019?

Dublin School has been participating in Reach the Beach, a 200 mile relay race that stretches from Bretton Woods to Hampton Beach NH for 7 years now and we think it is time for an Alumni team! We are one of the only high school teams that participate – We’re that cool…