Ultimate Frisbee vs. BART Charter Public School - Win (11-5) - May 13, 2019

Ultimate Frisbee vs. BART Charter Public School - Win (11-5) - May 13, 2019

On Monday, May 13th, DUT hosted BART on upper field for the final game before the RVAL tournament. Dublin controlled the game from the first point, pulling downwind to BART, stymieing their offensive attack with an active and lane-clogging cup. Wind played a major part in the first half of the game, forcing several turnovers on both sides. DUT won the first half, 8-3. As the wind gave way to an icy rain, both teams accumulated turnovers, and points started to get longer. In the end, Dublin prevailed as both teams agreed to end before hardcap, 11-5. Strong defensive performances were had by Colin Brown '21, Reed Brencher '20, Grady Allen '19, Phillip Simons '19, Henry Luettgen '19, and Colin Purdy '21. After the game DUT honored its seniors with flowers and appreciations in brief ceremony. Abby Ingram, Grady Allen, Phillip Simons, Henry Luettgen, and Gwen Thomson, we are grateful for all you've meant to DUT! 

Ultimate Frisbee vs. The White Oak School - Win (10-4) - May 8, 2019

On Wednesday, May 8th, DUT hosted White Oak for the teams' only meeting this season. Dublin started slowly, working to establish communication with a new starting line. Once DUT found its groove, however, it jumped out to a commanding lead, winning the first half 8-2. In the second half, Dublin substituted more liberally, getting playing time, and many fine plays, from subs. Colin Brown '21 led the defense from the deep position, racking up Ds and interceptions, while Grady Allen '19 anchored the offense playing handler/cutter and scoring three times. Andrew Dailey '19 contributed three assists from the cutter position. In the end, after a beautiful afternoon of ultimate, Dublin won on hardcap 10-4. 

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Winchendon School - Win (15-6) - April 19, 2019

DUT traveled to play Winchendon, an athletic team with the ability to connect on deep throws at any point. As a counter, Dublin ran a zone defense, forcing Winchendon to work the disc patiently instead of relying on their athletes. The strategy worked as Dublin’s defense consistently forced turnovers. Once Dublin had possession, they were able to convert breaks, consistently finding Ben Froling in the end zone. Ben earned the title of Player of the Game with 5 goals and an assist. Strong efforts from seniors Abby Ingram and Henry Luettgen helped close out the resounding 15-6 win and bring Dublin’s season record to 2-2.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Academy at Charlemont - Win (9-8) - April 17, 2019

Dublin hosted Charlemont for its first home game of the season on a beautiful day with light winds. Charlemont threw a poach defense, which is played somewhat like a zone, throughout the game, but DUT’s handler remained patient and worked the disc up the field effectively. Again Dublin led 8-5 at the halftime, but Charlemont scored 3 straight points to tie the game 8-8. Time cap went off, and the teams played double game point. After turnovers from both teams, DUT was able to score the final goal and secure the 9-8 win. Phillip Simons was the Player of the Game with 4 assists and a steady presence in the handler backfield throughout the game.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Putney School - Loss (10-12) - April 13, 2019

Dublin’s second game against Putney was hotly contested with multiple lead changes and numerous highlight reel plays. Putney took an early 4-2 lead, but Dublin went on a big run, which was capped by a spectacular play in the end zone by Player of the Game, James Bostrup, who sent Dublin into halftime with and 8-5 lead. In the second half, Putney ramped up the defensive pressure and went on a run of their own. With Dublin down 11-10 as time cap went into effect, they need to score to send the game to double game point. However, Putney’s offense punched in the final goal, dealing Dublin the 12-10 loss.

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Four Rivers Charter Public School JV - Loss (5-13) - April 10, 2019

Dublin Ultimate’s first game against Four Rivers was also their first time getting to play outdoors in 2019, and thus, the wind played a large factor in the game. Four Rivers jumped out to an early lead, but Dublin battled to keep it close through the first half, which ended 8-4. Despite strong efforts by Player of the Game, Colin Brown, who threw 4 assists and recorded 7 blocks, Dublin’s offense could only muster one goal in the second half. DUT lost the game 13-5, but spirits were still high as players felt this was merely a starting point for the team.