“A Reserve of Team Spirit:” Ainsley Morrison’s First Year with Dublin School’s Robotics Team

Ainsley Morrison, ’21, having begun work with Dublin School’s Robotics Team for the first time this year, discovered “a really big learning experience,” especially considering that Morrison had had no experience with Robotics prior to coming to Dublin.

An upperclassman told Morrison to join the team, and, in the spirit of “trying to join and try a bunch of new things,” Morrison showed up to the first meeting.

Building a Future: Dublin School Robotics and Scrum Inc.

“This isn’t a robot. [...] This is a lesson in humility, hard work, and collaboration [...] This is the Rosetta stone to help translate the future [...] It’s a machine to build the people who will change the world,” says the voice in a FIRST Robotics video, cutting to images of high schoolers from all over the world cheering each other on, solving problems, gathered over a control panel, building together.

STEAM Powered

Our robotics season is over and yet the planning for next year has already begun.  We use the same iterative design in the program that we use for the robot.  It starts with a retrospective on what was done in the past, what worked and what didn’t, and what are new areas to explore next time? That’s how the season began last fall and it is how we will prepare for next fall.  We had ambitious ideas for this year and although not all of them worked out, both students and mentors learned from the experience. We will use that information to formulate the next iteration of how we proceed.
“Steam powered” is a play on words.  The challenge this year for FIRST Robotics was named Steamworks and was a steampunk themed game with dirigible-like air ships.  It is also a reference to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and the trending inclusion of arts into the acronym.  Innovation requires creativity in order to find a new perspective on problem solving. Math and science are the core of the program and being able to nurture an idea from a formula into a three foot cube of a robot takes imagination!

Ella Rutledge and Making Robots

Ella Rutledge and Making Robots

Ella Rutledge (Amesbury, MA) is a little nervous about the robotic season this year.  On the surface everything would seem to be better: more coaching, being able to work during the afternoon sports block, a tradition of winning.  But to Ella “everything was so good” last year. Her only disappointment last year was not being able to drive the robot  in competition.  She got hints that she might be able to last year but it never materialized.  It’s “obviously a privilege” and something she desperately wants to do.