"Stag's Leap" Regatta – 10/12/2019

Ben, Joe, Baoyi, Taylor, Brandon, Chris, Francisco, Amaelie, and Dan represented Dublin at the "Stag's Leap" regatta in Portland Harbor Saturday October 12. This was the team's final Portland regatta of the season.

With 9 Sailors Dublin raced 2 boat teams, meaning there were always 4 Dubliners on the water racing 2 boats amidst a fleet of 15 in a total of 8 'A' plus 8 'B' or 16 total races over 6 hours. Portland regattas represent a significant, day-long commitment by Dublin Sailors who are away from campus for about 14 hours.

Big fleets are one of the Portland regattas' attractions - 15 boats is about twice as many as the Sailing Team can field for a Wednesday intra-team regatta. And the Portland competitors sailing and tactical skills are very strong.

Earlier this week the team put on their drysuits for the first time, and all the Sailors chose to wear them in Portland even though the air temps were in the mid-50s. The day started with the North wind just making whitecaps, and it grew lighter through the afternoon. This was familiar conditions for the Dubliners and the accounting for the tide was the bigger challenge for most.

Amelie, Francisco, Den and Ben were our drivers while the remaining Sailors alternated into the forward hand spots. All the sailors worked diligently on their technique and Mr. Catlin observed improvements throughout the day. Top placements were made by Ben and Dan each of whom sailed to a 5th-place finish in one of their races.


Clipper Challenge Regatta - 10/05/2019


Baoyi, Ben, Brandon, Chris, and Colin represented Dublin racing in the "Clipper Challenge" regatta held in Portland Harbor Saturday 10/5. Winds were light a variable leading to frequent course resets. There also was a mulit-hour midday pause until the wind filled in sufficiently to sail. A and B sailed just 4 races each as a result - whereas 7-8 races each can typically be expected if the wind is blowing There was frost on the car windows as the team left campus at 6 AM but the day warmed nicely and in the sunshine and light breezes it was easy to stay warm.

Colin and Brandon sailed the A division races. Ben skippered for B, taking Chris out for the first 2 and Baoyi for B3&4. Baoyi and Ben worked especially well together, sailing to 5th and 4th in a 13-boat fleet, or some of the highest placements Dublin has had in Portland events.

Regatta - Portland, Maine - Sept. 28, 2019


Amelie, Ben, Dan, Francisco, Joe, and Taylor represented Dublin in Portland Harbor Saturday 9/28. Cloudless skies and temps in the low 70's complemented winds blowing 11-14 MPH with gusts to 20, or approaching the high-end of the comfortable wind-speed range for 420 sailing. Especially early afternoon when the bigger gusts moved through, each trip off the dock for the all the racers was a workout.

No Dubliner, however, capsized, although they watched many go over around them, and running down a leeward leg in one race Francisco and Amelie's boat was bumped by the mast tip of a capsizing competitor's boat!

Also significant was the strong tide, which pulled boats early over the start, and made finding an accurate lay-line to the weather mark difficult. The tide pulled many skippers down onto the weather mark as well.
9 schools, including Dublin, sent a team for one boat, while 2 schools sent sailors for two boat teams, creating a 13-boat fleet. Ben and Dan alternated positions in Dublin's 'A' division boat while Francisco helmed the 'B' division boat accompanied by Amelie, Joe, and Taylor in the crew position.

Beyond no capsizes, this regatta was a beneficial learning experience for the six Dublin Sailors. Taylor and Joe were both new to Portland racing but jumped into their boats with gusto and hiked-and-bailed hard in the strong winds. In his second race Taylor also experienced a general recall, an uncommon event where all the boats are required to make a second start because it can't be fairly determined who didn't start early since too many boats sailed over the startline early.

Ben, Dan, and Francisco's starts, sailing on the course, and heavy-air boat-handling improved as they worked to keep up with their skilled peers. Amelie, already a skilled crew, honed her tactical game as she prepares to take the helm herself in Portland soon.

Regatta - Sept. 25, 2019

Regatta on Dublin Lake

Regatta on Dublin Lake

The first regatta of the 2019 season was Wednesday 9/25. 13 Sailors participated, and since Dublin races in 2-person boats Ms. Venne jumped-in to fill the 7th boat! Under sunny skies the wind oscillated between NW and SW, and decreased in strength from 9-11 mph to 5-7 as the afternoon progressed.

The regatta consisted of 5 races on a simple windward-leeward course with the start/finish line in-between the two turning buoys. Although the 7 boats all raced in the same 5 races, two contests we going-on simultaneously: there were 2 "all-novice" boats where both boat-team members have been sailing for just 3 weeks - props to Brandon, Bayoi, Chris, and Alec for getting out there alongside their more-experienced team mates! These 2 boats were racing each other for a 'novice' award.

The remaining 5 boats had experienced helms (skippers) paired with a novice forward hand, and were racing for top honors in the fleet. High School regattas are scored on the 'low-point system,' where in each race the first-place boat is given 1 point, second place 2 points, etc. Points are then totaled for the regatta. View more photos on SmugMug.


Place Points Boat Team

7 32 Chris & Alec (all-Novice team)

6 29 Brandon & Bayoi (winning all-Novice team)

5 27 Amelie & Jack

4 25 Colin & Lucky

3 17 Dan and Ms V

2 15 Francisco & Taylor

1 5 Ben & Joe

Last Sailing Day

Saturday the bus was just rolling away from campus when the Sailing Team's last-day-of-the-season away regatta was cancelled by our hosts due to high winds. The Sailors quickly regrouped, and while some chose to spend the day preparing for up-coming exams, the rest suggested venturing off campus anyway. 

Working with Mr Catlin, Henry, Rebecca, Cynthia, Francisco, Laura, Ainsley, and Niki crafted a plan to drive to Boston, visit USS Constitution, and have some free time in the Quincy Market / Aquarium area.  There was a surprise bonus: we ended our season on the water as we traveled by ferry back to where the bus was parked!

Sailing at Foiling UFO - November 10, 2018

Saturday 10 members of the Sailing team went to Bristol, RI to sail one of the world's newest production boats - the foiling UFO.  Winds were heavy, blowing consistently above 25 mph and then over 30 mph which is far stronger than it is possible for the team's usual sailboat-type to manage.  After a few hours of the sailors having incredible fun on a steep learning curve our hosts stopped our trial - but not because the wind grew too strong!  The Dubliners and the boat were managing the breeze well.  We stopped because the waves grew so large it was no longer safe to foil.