Five Dublin Students Selected to NH All-State Music Festival

The All-State Music Festival is a three-day event held in April at the Capital Center for the Arts which features the most talented young musicians in the state. The festival is sponsored by the New Hampshire Music Educators Association and highlights musicianship in three different disciplines - choral, concert band, and orchestra.

In order to qualify, students are required to audition in a massive audition weekend in late November.  The audition process is like a scene out of America Has Talent, where hundreds of students are in the same room, warming up, judging the competition, trying to calm their nerves and preparing for their evaluation moment. Over 2000 musicians are then winnowed down to 120 choir members, 80 concert band members, and 50 orchestra members. 


Dance Ensemble Rocks NYC!

Directly following our Revisit Day “Opportunity Fair”, the Dance Ensemble departed for an opportunity of their own: a two day excursion to New York City to train in the heart of the “dance capital of the world.” Ten students, traveling with Arts Chair and dance program head Jenny Foreman and Associate Director of Admissions Teresa Imhoff, arrived in midtown Manhattan Friday afternoon and started their NYC experience with a dance masterclass taught by Foreman’s long-time friend, Rachel Feinerman. Feinerman, who regularly teaches and performs in the city, exposed the Ensemble to the Simonson Jazz technique, a style that pays special attention to anatomical alignment and how that awareness aids in the dancers’ freedom. One student wrote, “I learned so much about being stable [in a balance] from the class.”

Once On this Island, Dublin’s Winter Musical coming February 23rd-26th!

Once On this Island, Dublin’s Winter Musical coming February 23rd-26th!

This year’s winter production opens Thursday, February 23 at 7pm and runs Friday, February 24th and Saturday, February 25 at 7pm and Sunday, February 26th at 2pm. The twenty-two Dublin students in the cast are joined onstage by faculty member Jon Phinney’s ten year old daughter, Amelia, supported by a student-run technical crew of six students who have been immersed in the design and production process. Three seniors have been integral to the creative team this year: Cam Harrington (Francestown, NH) as Assistant Director, Shaneil Wynter (Brooklyn, NY) as Assistant Choreographer, and Eliza Sigel (Manchester, NH) as Assistant Lighting Designer. We are proud of all of the joy and energy, both onstage and off,  that each member of this ensemble has brought to the process of bringing this play to life - and we look forward to sharing it with an audience!

“Bass Tones and Pedal Tones:” Cam Harrington on the Sounds of Dublin

With snow slicking the sidewalks, dusting the trees, and coating the nordic trails and bucolic campus hills, a special kind of energized quiet settles in. Cam Harrington, a senior beginning to reflect on his high school career as he is doubly immersed in the Play and festive arrangements with Dublin’s a cappella group, has been thinking about the sounds of Dublin.

“I think there’s a general hum to this campus that you can hear,” he says. “There’s an energy and an audible presence that changes across the seasons and trimesters. It changes, and you have to listen to it. Finals week, there is this huge shift. It is quiet. Focused. The hum changes. You realize then: you’ve been listening to this campus without realizing it for all of these days. And you notice when it quiets or changes.”

Humanities Series - Dancer yon Tande

Humanities Series - Dancer yon Tande

On December 9th, yon Tande (né Whitney V. Hunter) visited Dublin School as part of the Humanity Series.  yon Tande is a twenty year friend, co-performer and collaborator of Dublin Art Chair Jenny Foreman.  yon Tande and Foreman met as members of the Martha Graham Dance Company.

yon Tande works in the areas of performance, exhibition, curation, and education. He creates for the stage, gallery and alternative spaces. He talked about his life and work which combines a focus on the politics of personal and cultural identity with dance, video and art installations. He discussed his personal journey as a black gay artist and the expectations of others and our culture toward him.