Girls Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Winchendon School - October 5, 2019 - loss (2-1)

This weekend the girls team played against a tough game against Winchendon. They lost 2-1 but played an amazing game that demonstrated just what it means to be a team. They were faced with tough opponents and had to bring their A-game physically and mentally. The girls stuck by each other and supported one another on and off the field. This game represented the integrity, passion and overall amazing sportsmanship our team has. Luna Hicks scored the goal for the game, while goalie Sabine saved over 5 shots. This was a hard fought game for the team, but they came out stronger because of it.

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Stoneleigh Burnham School - September 28, 2019 - win (3-1)

On Saturday, the Girls varsity soccer team played a home game against Stoneleigh-Burnham. This was our second game of the season against this school, and we kept our winning streak alive after winning both games. With a final score of 3-1, Luna and Liza were the scorers of the game. Goalie Sabine helped save more than 5 shots by the other team. Kusum and Abbie were strong on the field and helped make numerous shots that put the other team's goalie to work. Overall this game was a success. Teammates injured and sick supported their teammates from the bench. The girls are continuing to be fierce on the field, and are getting ready for Monday’s game against Tilton.

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Eagle Hill School - September 25, 2019 - win (7-3)

Girls’ varsity soccer played an away game at Eagle Hill. Dublin started off the game very strong, making the first 3 goals within the first 10 minutes of the game. Mia and Luna both scored 2 goals during the game with assists from Sam and Sarah. New players, Sabine and Rahila, scored their first goals, helping the team win 7-3! Despite a lot of injured players, the team stepped up and new players got the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the field. The score shows that the team is working together and getting stronger through every game!

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Kimball Union Academy JV - September 21, 2019 - win (6-1)

On Saturday, the girls' soccer team won 6-1 to Kimball Unions JV team. The game in the hot weather was tough! Offensive players Mia, Liza, and Luna scored the goals. Kusum and Rahila were strong presences on the field, making shots and challenging the other team. Goalie Sabine was instrumental in helping block shots from the Kimball Union offense. Freshmen Erika and Ayla were two of the many outstanding new team members. Overall the game was a success. The team is getting stronger with every game!

Girls Varsity Soccer vs Stoneleigh-Burnham School - Sept. 14, 2019 - win (6-2)

On Saturday, the girls’ varsity soccer team played RVAL Stoneleigh-Burnham school at and won with a score of 6-2.

It was the first meeting of the two teams since Dublin defeated in them in the RVAL finals last season. This was an amazing game and the team's first win this season. A few players had multiple goals! Liza Runyon scored 3 goals, Luna Hicks followed with 2 goals. Mia Fantauzzi scored the 6th goal and it was her first goal this season! Many new players had a lot playing time on the field. The offense and defense worked well together which contributed to the win.

Girls Varsity Soccer vs Four Rivers Charter Public School - tie (2-2) - Sept. 11, 2019

Starting strong

Starting strong

The girls varsity soccer team opened their 2019-2020 season with a tough home game against the Four Rivers Charter Public School from Greenfield, MA. The high heat and humidity added an extra level of challenge to the game.

The team showed hard work and dedication, as well as leadership and communication, and after 90 minutes, the game was tied 2-2. Erika Fantuzzi, making her debut on the team, was the player of the game. Luna Hicks started strong and began her season by scoring both goals. Liza and Kusum provided excellent support on offense. The team as a whole persevered through an anxious second half, as Four Rivers was ahead by 1 goal. Dublin cheered each other on and helped each other battle the heat. The game ended in a tie 2-2.

Overall the game was a success. Captains of the team Rachel, Sam, Kusum and Liza helped guide new members of the team, and set a positive tone for the season.

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Girls Varsity Soccer Wins RVAL Championship over Stoneleigh Burnham School

Girls Varsity Soccer Wins RVAL Championship over Stoneleigh Burnham School

The Dublin School girls soccer team met Stoneleigh Burnham School for the RVAL Championships this Sunday. It was a rematch of last year's final, and another installment in a long running rivalry between these two teams. Dublin dominated the first half with an early goal on a penalty kick by Luna. A second goal followed after an incredible pass across the box from Luna was redirected by Liza’s foot mid air. The second half started with another spectacular goal from Luna who made a Beckham-esque shot to the top right corner 12 minutes in.