Sailing at Portland - September 15, 2018

Will and Francisco in A fleet and Cynthia and Dan in B represented Dublin in a 12-boat high school regatta held in Portland harbor Saturday 9/15. Despite delays for no wind and, later, fog which limited visibility on the race course to about 75 yards, A and B fleets each completed 6 races.  Due to the distance to Portland, these regattas are 14-15 hour days for the students, no small commitment.  They are also a great opportunity for Dubliners to sail in decent-sized fleets among some of the most skilled of their peers.  Accordingly, even though Dublin rarely brings home top-of-the-fleet race results, attending these regattas has great value.  Team representatives plan to go to Portland each Saturday into early October.

End of the Season

November 3rd turned out to be the last day of sailing for the team.  It was a lovely afternoon with decent wind and the oak trees around the lake showing their colors. 

On November 4th we would have sailed but there was no wind.  Instead we put the boats away, which the team does every year at the end of the season.  Again this year the movement from the dock to the boat barn started the way Dubliners in the past found is most fun: by getting into dry suits one last time and swimming the boats to the beach! 

Dublin sails and sleeps aboard: team overnight at Mystic Seaport

Dublin sails and sleeps aboard: team overnight at Mystic Seaport

Seventeen Dublin sailors ventured to Mystic Seaport Museum Saturday and Sunday 10/28-29 to sail 9-ft-long single-person Dyer Dhows and sleep aboard the training ship Joseph Conrad.  At school and in regattas elsewhere Dubliners sail two-person boats.  With much of the season behind us even the novice sailors have a decent understanding of sailing.  For most of the team the opportunity to sail solo is a real treat and for everyone its a time to continue sailing skill development.

Sailing vs. Brewster Academy - Home - October 25, 2017

Sailing vs. Brewster Academy - Home - October 25, 2017

Dublin hosted Brewster Academy on the lake on a cloudy misty Wednesday afternoon 10/25.  Winds were light; only 6 races were held.  Teams raced in 'A' and 'B' divisions with one division ashore while the other completed 2 races, then they switched.  All but 1 Dublin student raced.  Shout out to Wyatt H who teamed up to race last-minute with Brewster sailor Joe!

Sailing at 2017 Family Weekend Regatta - October 14, 2017

2017 Family Weekend Regatta was held just off the Whitney Boat House on a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon 10/14.  A crowd of onlookers filled the boat house porch and dock during the racing.  Six boats competed in light air over five races for the coveted first-place DG cookies.  After each race all but one boat team switched crew positions.  Almost every racer raced several races in both the driver and forward positions demonstrating before the onlookers they are all becoming competent sailors, even if some had never been in a boat before school began six weeks ago.

Sailing Wednesday Regatta - October 11, 2017

Five races in light winds made up today's regatta.  After each race the members of each boat team switched places - the more experienced sailor was at the helm for 3 races and in the forward position for 2.  The regatta results, therefore, represent each boat team's collective work as a team and not just the work of a skilled sailor with a novice along for the ride.   Thanks to Jacky and Francisco for the Race Committee/coach boat  assistance

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