The New Outing Club

The New Outing Club

In locating the new Slopeside Dormitory, we had to remove the old Arts Building which served in recent years as our Outing Club. The Outing Club was home to our Mountain Biking, Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding programs.  We originally intended to put the new Outing Club into the basement of the Slopeside Dormitory but thought better due to the impact on the height of the building and the potential for fumes and fire from ski waxing.

Mountain Biking vs Northfield Mount Hermon and Eaglebrook School - November 4, 2017

Last Saturday the mountain bike team hosted its season finale on our trails at the Nordic Center.  After coming off of an intense weekend in Maine at the NNEHSMB Championships, we invited Eaglebrook and Northfield Mount Hermon to compete in our only non-league race of the season.  It was a great day for Dublin, as AJ Lee had his first victory of the season, followed by Sean Brown, who, despite several chain problems, still finished 2nd in the A race. Peter Spang finished 6th and Eathan Hood rounded out the A race top 10 for Dublin with an 8th place finish.  In the B race, Abby Ingram placed 2nd and Thomas Meiklejohn finished 6th as our top 10 finishers.  The final tally of rider points revealed Dublin to be the victors of the day, with Eaglebrook placing second and NMH third.  

Mountain Biking at Mountain Biking Championships @ Gould Academy - October 28, 2017

The Northern New England High School Mountain Bike Series concluded this past Saturday in Bethel, Maine.  After a long, but beautiful, drive to the venue, the Wildcats stretched, hopped on their bikes, and were greeted by one of the best courses of the season.  The weather was perfect for the race, and the course featured a good mix of grueling climbs and fun descents, perfect riding for this group of bikers.  Joining the Eastern and Western Divisions for the first time since the series opener, put around 255 racers on the trails, which was added to the excitement of the event. 

AJ Lee narrowly missed a top 10 finish, placing 11th overall in the boys A race.  Sean Brown was close behind with 16th.  Eathan Hood, who experienced a broken seat post during the warm up lap, almost missed the start of the race, and as the B race was getting underway, he found himself nearly last in a field of 80 riders. When the race ended however, his racing experience, strong endurance, and technical skills earned him a 32nd place finish. 

The girls team, due to injuries and illness, didn't fare as well this race, and Ella Rutledge was the only female finisher with 10th place.  Overall, the team finished 4th in the Western Division, and Sean Brown was named top senior rider for the season.  AJ Lee, Abby Ingram (both juniors) and Eathan Hood (freshman) were all 3rd place overall in their grade levels for the year. A nice end to a great season. 

Mountain Biking at Burr and Burton Academy - October 25, 2017

Last Wednesday the Mountain Bike team traveled to Grafton, VT for a race hosted by Burr and Burton.  The conditions were slick, muddy and bony and after a fairly dry fall, this proved to be a challenging course for the team.  The girls' A race had Abby Ingram placing 9th, despite a bad crash on the first lap.  AJ Lee and Sean Brown pushed and paced each other to place 9th and 10th, respectively.  Eathan Hood had his highest place of the season with 4th in the B class race, and Pete Spang placed 18th.  Ali Weis had her best race of the season, placing 4th in the girls B race, and Ella Rutledge was close behind with 6th. 

Mountain Biking at Cardigan Mountain School - October 4, 2017

The mountain biking team traveled to Cardigan Mountain School for a windy, technical and dusty race last Wednesday. 

It also marked the first race that saw the girls C and B division combined into one B class. Our girls took advantage of the new arrangement, and Abby Ingram tore through the dust cloud to victory with Imogen VonMartens close behind in second place.  Ella Rutledge and Ali Weis both scored top 10 finishes. 

Mountain Biking at Vermont Academy - September 27, 2017

The mountain bike team made their way up to Vermont Academy for our second race of the series.  It was a blistering hot day that saw temperatures reach into the upper 80's and the course was the most technically challenging we'll see all year. 

After stellar performances in the first race, Imogen VonMertens (Hancock, NH)  and Eathan Hood (Harrisville, NH) were moved up to the B class, which consists of a longer and more technical course.  They both had great debuts, with Imogen placing 6th and Eathan placing 9th. 

Sean Brown (Hampton Falls, NH) had a great finish with 8th in the Class A race, and AJ Lee (Hong Kong) was 10th, despite having a pretty bad crash on the first section of the course.  Abby Ingram (Dedham, MA) had her first win with a decisive victory over the Class C girls field. 

Mountain Biking at Proctor Academy - September 20, 2017

The Dublin School Mountain Bike team traveled to Proctor Academy for the opener of the Northern New England High School Mountain Bike Race Series.  In a field of 265 riders and only 18 podium spots, Dublin had an impressive debut with 3 podium finishes. 

In the girls' C race, Imogen VonMartens placed 2nd while Abby Ingram was right on her back wheel with 3rd.  Eathan Hood, who was late finishing his practice lap and had the unfortunate starting position of nearly dead last in a field of 119 C class racers, somehow managed to pass almost the entire field in the span of 5 miles to catch a 3rd place finish in his first race. 

Other highlights include AJ Lee and Sean Brown finishing 14th and 15th consecutively in the A division, Ella Rutledge getting a close 4th in the C girls race, and Lauren Ryder, in her first mountain bike race cracking the top 10 of the girls C field.  Special mention must be made for Thomas Meiklejohn who joined the team the day before the race and, having never mountain biked before that day, had a strong finish and couldn't wait until the next one!

Singletrack Madness

Singletrack Madness

In a summer of major campus construction (four major renovations or new buildings are in-process right now), it's easy to ignore the less obvious improvements that are happening around campus. However, if you wander down to the Nordic Center and listen carefully, you will hear the sounds of chain saws, nail guns and a mini-excavator echoing through the woods.  Backtracking along marker flags through the woods will bring you to a remarkably Dublin construction project.