Cross Country New England Div. IV Champions! - November 10, 2018

Cross Country New England Div. IV Champions! - November 10, 2018

On Saturday, November 10th, Dublin School Cross Country capped off a truly historic and undefeated season with first place team finishes in the Girls Varsity, Boys Varsity and Boys JV races at the NEPSTA Div. IV Championships! The race was hosted by Marianapolis Prep in Thompson, CT, which had seen over two inches of rainfall in the days leading up to the race. The Dublin runners braved the mud and standing water along the course to emerge victorious in an inspiring display of individual grit mixed with unwavering commitment to their team.

To put all these results in context, the previous best team finishes for the Boys' and Girls' Varsity teams at the NEPSTA championships had been 4th (2017) and 7th (2015), respectively, with the Boys JV team coming in a close second in 2016. Winning all three races in the same year is something truly special and also unprecedented in NEPSTA Div IV.

Girls Varsity Soccer Wins RVAL Championship over Stoneleigh Burnham School

Girls Varsity Soccer Wins RVAL Championship over Stoneleigh Burnham School

The Dublin School girls soccer team met Stoneleigh Burnham School for the RVAL Championships this Sunday. It was a rematch of last year's final, and another installment in a long running rivalry between these two teams. Dublin dominated the first half with an early goal on a penalty kick by Luna. A second goal followed after an incredible pass across the box from Luna was redirected by Liza’s foot mid air. The second half started with another spectacular goal from Luna who made a Beckham-esque shot to the top right corner 12 minutes in. 

Boys and Girls Cross Country teams win RVAL Championships

Boys and Girls Cross Country teams win RVAL Championships

On Wednesday, 10/31, the Dublin Cross Country team capped off the RVAL season with another dominant performance at the league championship race hosted by BART, on the slopes of Mt. Greylock in Adams, MA. Dublin finished first as a team in the varsity girls and boys races, as well as in the JV boys race!

While the team is proud of their accomplishments to date, there is certainly a sense of unfinished business as we prepare for the final race of the season, the NEPSTA Championships at Marianapolis in Thompson, CT. Dublin runners will test themselves against the best in New England, facing off against 30+ schools! With the strongest boys and girls teams Dublin has ever seen, it is certain to be an exciting day. Stay tuned!

An Open Letter to the Dublin Community from a Recent Alumna

Dear Brad (I guess I can call you that now that I'm an alumna),

I'm writing this as an open letter to the Dublin School Community. I would love it if you could post it for all the students and faculty to see, and if not, least for the faculty because they held the most impact on my time at Dublin. My experience at Dublin was amazing, and for the past couple of weeks, I've been reminiscing about my time there and how much I truly miss it.

First off I would like to express my utmost gratitude to your team of faculty and staff. The life lessons that they have taught me are something that I will keep with me forever. They are a remarkable set of people who encouraged me to reach my goals. They never stopped believing in me even when I was at my worst. Their complete commitment to helping me get through high school and to help me succeed was phenomenal. Without them, I definitely don't think that I would have gotten to where I am today.

When I first came to Dublin I was on the edge of a cliff. I was unsure of where I was going, and I didn't know what was next. I wasn't sure how I felt about living at a boarding school. When I was a kid, boarding schools were considered something that your parents sent you away to when you were bad, and I believed it completely. I came in very guarded, I didn't really want to talk to anybody and for the most part, I just wanted to keep my head down. I didn't want to make any friends, I didn't want to bond with my teachers, and I absolutely did not plan to stay there for three years. Boy was I wrong about all those things. Although during my time at Dublin I may not have been the most enthusiastic, as I look back I find myself appreciating everything from my stay there and I find that all of my best memories are there. Like when we would talk about our day and answer questions during milk and cookies, when we would laugh at ourselves while trying to complete a difficult task during work gang, when students would walk down the aisle beaming as they received their Moxie award, and when I looked around at the rest of my graduating class on graduation day and realized that I was going to miss Dublin much more than I formerly thought. I think my favorite part about Dublin was the relationships that I made with the faculty, staff, and students.

The students at Dublin are some of the most intelligent, accepting, and encouraging people that I have ever met. Each student played a role in my success to graduate and attend college. I found my best friend there, someone who I know will be with me for the rest of my life. Without Dublin, I would have never met her, and I can't imagine my life without her. Dublin gave me the most friends that I ever thought I would have. I appreciate them all. To those friends, thank you for everything that you did for me. You brought me outside of my comfort zone, encouraged me to be social, were there for me when I needed you, and always had my back.

To the faculty and staff who beat away all of my doubts and showed me that I could do the work if I put my mind to it. Thank you for being there for me when I had difficulties in class, when I was learning to compete in snowboarding, when I tried to be goalie but ended up getting a concussion, when I was being annoyingly avoidant of any hard work that needed to be done in work gang, and when I felt so lost that it was unsure what to do next. To each teacher that had to sit next to me and listen to me rant (shout out to Brooks who I pestered the most), thanks for putting up with me. You all have given me lessons that I find myself applying every day. Your support provided me with the tools that I needed to succeed.

Special acknowledge to Jennifer Whitesel, who took me into her home during a very difficult time and treated me like her own daughter. I'm so happy for the time that I spent with you. You were there for me whenever I felt that I couldn't do it anymore. You encouraged me to apply to so many colleges, you taught me how to cook (kind of), you always had open arms to hug me, and you always encouraged me to be and do my best. You are my rock, and I know that I will always have you to turn to if I don't know what to do. I'll be forever grateful for what you did for me, and I'll love you always.

To the community as a whole, I am forever grateful for everything that you did for me, as I sit on my couch, not even having started three assignments that I have due tomorrow, I reminisce about my time at Dublin and I realize that no matter what, I will almost always come back and visit. Thank you.



Student Government Election Returns are in.

92% of eligible voters participated in this election. Congratulations to the winners and to a model of friendly democracy.

The 2018-19 Dublin School Student Government

9th Grade Class Representatives
Almesha Duhart
Bowen Chen

10th Grade Class Representatives
Colin Brown
Lawrence Chen

11th Grade Class Representatives
Gabi Quintero
Lucy Selby

12th Grade Class Representatives
John Rong
Grady Allen

Student Body Secretary
Rachel Zhong
Student Body Vice President
Jasmine Barrette
Student Body President
Grace Harrington

Report from Bariloche

The last days have been wonderful.  The students are more comfortable and independent and even organized a get together with all their host family brothers and sisters over the weekend.  Sunday most of them went skiing.  They also visited the Chocolate Museum, went down a mountain slide or did the ropes course at Air Park AUCA.   Otto went to a spot called the "Patagonian desert" and Maddie is on a boat visiting an island called Isla Victoria on a boat in the Nahual Huapi Lake today.  Here are some photos that I have collected.  

We have just a few days left.  I have been so impressed by all of the students.  They have approached everything with a sense of adventure and been flexible.  I think they have really taken advantage of every opportunity to get to know the culture and people here.  Tomorrow our hosts have organized a farewell party for us at San Patricio school and then we prepare to come home!


1st Report from Patagonia!


Hello from Bariloche!

We just finished an afternoon ski and we’re heading back to the house now! We had a sleep-in this morning—some of us slept and some of us used it as an opportunity to do some summer homework. A brunch was made in our nice, spacious kitchen. Allie Walton and Lisa Bates have been exploring the local grocery stores, and we’ve discovered that Argentinians eat a lot of carbs and not so many veggies. So, we’ve gotten creative with our meals and we have made it work. 

After a relaxed morning, we headed off to the mountain. Everyone from Club Andino Bariloche [our partner club who spent February with us in Dublin] is so friendly, and they’re always willing to listen as we attempt to articulate our plans in Spanish. The daily ride up the gondola was beautiful, as always. The view from the top never gets old—snow-covered peaks in the distance, a stunningly calm lake, and a perfect layer of clouds. We clipped into our skate skis and did a two-hour ski with a mix of no pole skiing and speeds. The snow was perfect, and it was just warm enough to ski without a jacket and gloves. When it was finally time to finish up, we ran into some fellow Dublin students, Maddy and Adam! They were enjoying a weekend downhill ski with their host families. 


The ski was great and all, but we had to act quickly in order to fill our glycogen window. No need to fear, we found the Milka Chocolate shop and Waffle Cabin—we’ve become frequent customers. 


Tonight we head out to dinner as a group to a local restaurant. The trip has been amazing so far, and we look forward to many more adventures to come!   -Agnes Macy