How can I help?

Every year I receive notes about students and their behavior. Over the last eleven years I would say that not all of them have been glowing, but most certainly are. This year I have received more positive comments about our students than I have ever experienced in my career. We heard many compliments about how our seniors behaved on their recent service trip to Florida. And just recently I received the following letter from the man who takes care of Emmanuel Church, the Episcopalian Church that abuts our campus and that is used for its summer congregation. This note struck me since it refers to one of the first traditions that the Lehmann family brought to our school: the Work Gang. Paul Lehmann felt that Work Gang was possibly the “most important course in the school” because it taught the students something “new, useful, interesting.” Mr. Lehmann wanted the students to make their neighborhood a better place and frequently sent his students into the community to help out as needed. We continue this tradition today by helping out organizations like Emmanuel Church. I would love all of our students to graduate from Dublin and start building up their neighborhoods by asking, “How can I help?”

Here is the letter:


I’ve started several drafts of this letter – all trying to encapsulate the aid and positive attitude of the Dublin students I interacted with over the past 4 Saturdays.  While each group varied in size, their ability to make a difference and improve Emmanuel’s grounds has been significant. 

Last week I worked with Brooks and a small group… the week before, with Paul Wardlaw (and 2 other faculty).  While I do not remember the names of the other adults on other weekends, ALL were terrific.

A mainstay of support has been Andy Hungerford…

I am tempted to quantify “success” or “Achievement” by noting “x” truckloads of saplings, shrubs, wet leaves and sand removed from the property.  Yet what I value most is “attitude”…and what generated my broadest grin happened last Saturday.  As the small group ambled down the hill towards the church, the first student approached me and initiated the question: “How can I help?

Fessenden’s honored head, Frank Perrive might have considered the above: The Special Sauce” – qualities that are hard to quantify but make good kids great community members… I have seen firsthand, that Dublin School has some very special sauce, and I am most appreciative that your faculty, staff and students shared it with me.

Happy Friday

Emmanuel Church

Emmanuel Church