Dublin Day of Giving



The Dublin development office conducted its first Day of Giving on May 16th. The development office, joined by 15 engaged class agents and one exuberant dog named Enzo, went all in on a one-day electronic campaign of emails, Facebook and Instagram posts.

The results were stunning and deeply gratifying.

Dublin received more gifts than on any previous day in its history. 154 gifts ranging from $1 to $5000 were made by alumni, current and past parents and faculty, friends, grandparents, and even current students. 84 alumni made gifts including 18 who had never made a gift to the school before. The Class of 2004 led all alumni groups in terms of the total number of donations. It was exciting to see two of our newer alumni classes - the classes of 2013 and 2017 - coming in second and third in terms of participation.

A new phenomenon to us was the utilization of Venmo by many of our younger alumni to make a contribution. While most of our gifts in a normal year are made electronically through our website, 37 gifts (24%) were made through Venmo. Another 100 (65%) were made through the school website allowing 88% of gifts to be made electronically.

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A donation in honor and recognition of Dublin's 84th year (85th according to J. Weis)!

...we love you Dublin!

Day of Giving (seems to be what all the cool kids are doing!)

Donation to my fav school…

Fer da fund.

Tell Brad I say hi!

Dublin School was an amazing place for me to begin my teaching career, and it provides its students with a meaningful and life changing educational experience.

Rallied the troops.

To the best school on earth!