"This is not my second home."

“I am not going to stand up here and tell you this is my second home because actually, this is my home.” So said a departing senior during their audition to be chosen as a graduation speaker for their class. Each Dublin School graduating class gets to choose two of their peers and one of their teachers to speak at graduation. In preparation, each interested senior gives a short speech to their classmates during a senior pizza dinner with yours truly.


I never know what kind of attitude to expect from a departing class of seniors with just over two weeks left until graduation. Many times they are fully ready to leave and are pushing against the adults as they strive to show their readiness for more independence and responsibility. Last night’s group, our largest ever graduating class, spoke about how sad they were to leave each other and this place that they have grown to love. We even had three seniors who were so moved by the other speeches that they asked if they could give a speech. My assistant Anne Mackey and I tried not to cry while the seniors were talking about the experiences and people that shaped them during their time at Dublin. I could feel the power and the sense of community in the room.


“We are ready for bigger and better things ahead.” The same senior who talked about Dublin as their home concluded their speech with these words. I was reassured. We are always cautious about creating dependency in our work with students and I was thrilled to hear that at least one student is ready to launch from our campus on the shoulders of Mount Monadnock into an exciting future. I look forward to celebrating the Class of 2019 on June 1st and in the days to come.