Ultimate Frisbee vs. BART Charter Public School - Win (11-5) - May 13, 2019

On Monday, May 13th, DUT hosted BART on upper field for the final game before the RVAL tournament. Dublin controlled the game from the first point, pulling downwind to BART, stymieing their offensive attack with an active and lane-clogging cup. Wind played a major part in the first half of the game, forcing several turnovers on both sides. DUT won the first half, 8-3. As the wind gave way to an icy rain, both teams accumulated turnovers, and points started to get longer. In the end, Dublin prevailed as both teams agreed to end before hardcap, 11-5. Strong defensive performances were had by Colin Brown '21, Reed Brencher '20, Grady Allen '19, Phillip Simons '19, Henry Luettgen '19, and Colin Purdy '21. After the game DUT honored its seniors with flowers and appreciations in brief ceremony. Abby Ingram, Grady Allen, Phillip Simons, Henry Luettgen, and Gwen Thomson, we are grateful for all you've meant to DUT!