5th Report from Argentina-Chile

Wassup guys, it’s the one and only Zay telling you about what we did today. I am staying with my good ol pal Matteo for the past few days. We got up early this morning, like around 9(8 o’clock in the USA), to eat breakfast. We had toast with some Argentinian spread called “Dulce de Leche.” It was really good. We packed to get ready to go rafting. I put on my bathing suit because I was informed by Matteo’s dad that we would be getting wet. We got in the car and drove to Rufo’s house, the guy who’s hosting Syan, to pick up Syan and Rufo. It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the rafting place. You might have already heard this but the rafting place is owned by one of parents that is hosting Henry. We met up with the other kids and put on our thermal gear and safety equipment for Rafting. We quickly broke up into groups. My group was Candela, Rufo, Marie, Ainsley, Nikki, Caitlin, and of course me. Now looking back at it, it was a pretty stacked team.

The rapids were actually fun. I almost fell off the boat, but thanks to my Spider-Man like powers I stuck to the floor of the boat and didn’t fall off. We went through 10 rapids and the 7th one was the most bumpiest/ the most fun we went on. Trust me when I say a lot of water got in our boat during that rapid. After the 7th rapid we stopped at a rock that was 30 ft high so people can jump off it. Shout out to Syan for conquering his fear of heights and jumping off the rock. I unfortunately didn’t jump off because I wasn’t in the mood for rock jumping [yea i know I’m a party pooper]. Also while we were rafting my boat would constantly find itself at a splash war with Matteo’s boat. I kind of feel bad for Martina, she got splashed the most. After we were done rafting, everyone got together to have a picnic, talk, and joke around.  It felt like family. That was the majority of our day. Hopefully you guys are also having fun on your vacation. And don’t worry we didn’t forget about you guys. We miss you guys and can’t wait to get back home.

Love, the one and only Zay