1st Report from Argentina-Chile

After we all met up at the entrance of the airport, we checked our bags and moved through security. We went to our gate and got dinner. We soon boarded our plane to Atlanta. After the short plane ride, we arrived at the Atlanta airport and boarded our plane to Santiago, Chile almost immediately. After boarding we got comfortable in the seats we would sit in for the next 9 hours. We were served a nice dinner, and had access to many movies to watch. After a VERY long and exhausting flight with sporadic turbulence, we arrived in Santiago and got our luggage and stood in line to get our passports stamped. Then we checked our luggage again. Our layover in Santiago was long but it was relaxing. We went to a restaurant in the airport and got sandwiches. They were really good. We split up and all got to walk around the airport. After a while we congregated and boarded the airplane to Temuco, which is a little farther south of Santiago. This flight was a piece of cake as it was only an hour.

Once we arrived in the small airport in Temuco, we finally got our luggage and sat a for a while as we got our rental cars. Some of us got bored and ran around outside the entrance to the airport. There was grass and it was green! The air was warm and the sky was blue! Once we got our cars (a van and pickup truck) we hopped inside and drove for about two hours to The Conguillio National Park. After the relaxing car ride, we arrived at our gorgeous house that we would be staying at for the next two days. We ran around with excitement exploring every part of the property. There is a pond, horses, a stream, fields, a pool, and a staircase to the roof! Mr. Ortiz’s parents were there to greet us and had started to prepare dinner that they were making for us! Neither of them speak a lick of English so we put our Spanish skills to work.

We heard that behind the house there was a path to a river. So many of us (including Mr. Pierpont eager to catch a fish) followed a path far into the woods. We followed little signs to a cute little stream with a bridge over it, and most of us assumed that was it. But I, Caitlin, knew that there must be more. I decided that I would continue to walk up this mysterious road, after a bit, the others began to follow curiously. Soon we found another sign that continued to point forward down the road saying “cascada”. I knew it! As we walked along the road we heard the faint sound of running water. We followed the path and the sound became much louder. We looked to our right and noticed we were on a cliff, far below us was a large river with huge rocks. Excited, we skipped down the path to the river.  We explored the river, it resembled a rocky river like the ones back in New Hampshire, we followed the trail along the river which led to a small waterfall. Meanwhile, Mr. Pierpont had begun to fly-fish in the river. We admired the waterfall and began to play in the river. He caught one! Mr. Pierpont caught a little trout on the first day. We just got here!

After tiring our selves out we hustled back to the house for dinner. We all sat down at the dinner table and ate a beautiful and tasty dinner of grilled chicken, rice, sausage, and bread. We all showered and got ready for bed. We were very tired for obvious reasons. Some of us finished the night by watching a movie and then went to sleep. Spoiler alert, we all got a great nights sleep. Tomorrow we would be hiking a mountain.