Reach the Beach – Dublin School Alumni Team?

Any Ragnarians out there? Who’s up for putting together a Dublin School Alumni and Former Faculty Team for the 2019 Ragnar Reach the Beach Race, September 13-14, 2019?

Dublin School has been participating in Reach the Beach, a 200 mile relay race that stretches from Bretton Woods to Hampton Beach NH for 7 years now and we think it is time for an Alumni team! We are one of the only high school teams that participate – We’re that cool…

I know we have a lot of alumni and former faculty runners out there and I want to hear from you. Being a Ragnarian means more than crossing the finish line of a 200-mile, 2-day, no sleep, running relay race. It’s about being a part of a supportive, inspiring, active community. Sounds like Dublin, right? 

To gauge interest, email me at as soon as possible and remember #DublinSchoolRagnarians