Dublin Womens' Retreat

It was definitely a sign that I spent International Women’s Day last Friday in Boston with Dublin School alumna Tricia Hurley ’08 having our first meeting to make an idea we had over Reunion Weekend a reality - A Dublin School Woman’s Retreat Weekend. 

We want to create a campus weekend event that brings together Dublin School alumnae, female faculty and students to explore common interests in hopes of building stronger relationships with each other, supporting each other's goals and the mission of Dublin School.

Dublin School has always been shaped and supported by strong women even when it was officially an all-boys school. There was even a girl in the very first class, a day student named Peggy Head who later married Everett Clement ’38. Paul Lehmann was perhaps ahead of his time with his expressed that girls were always welcome as long they did everything the boys did. Why wouldn’t they? 

Nancy Lehmann, Betty Gunther, Louise Shonk Kelly, Bonnie Riley, Senora, Jan Haman, Sarah Doenmez, to name just a few have been the mentors for many Dublin girls and boys! Their care and dedication over the years have inspired a strong generation of Dublin female graduates who are building interesting, successful careers while raising loving families and striving to find the ever-elusive “work/life balance.”  For many of us, we now believe it is a matter of “work/life integration,” and we want to create an opportunity for Dublin School be more integrated into the lives of our female graduates.  

If you are interested in being on the committee developing the 2019 Dublin Women’s Retreat Weekend or have ideas about this new event you would like to share, please contact Co-Chair Tricia Hurley ’08 (617) 842-9881.