Annual Fund $319,449.00

In our staff meeting, we talked about the letters, email, and correspondence that alumni send. It seems that Dublin alumni have a lot to share. They talk about their memories of Dublin, places they’ve been, experiences they’re having or had, teachers they fondly remember, classmates they miss, their kids, their jobs, their worlds, their lives, and especially their reflections about what this place means to them.  All of us here are excited that you are impacting the wider world and thrilled that so many alumni say important aspects of their lives are rooted in the ways they grew and grew up here.   

We know that alumni are grateful for Dublin because they’ve told us and expressed it through the way they’ve given to the annual fund. Well we’re happy to report that this year we’ve received 123 annual fund gifts from alumni totaling $55,000!  That’s a big jump from the end of last month (January 2019) when there were 102 alumni who gave. Yet, we want and need more alumni to support Dublin.

We’re focused on raising $500,000.00 this year for today’s Dubliners and our school. We can do this because you give to the annual fund and then encourage classmates and alumni you know to also give. Let’s do this together. Are you in, have you given to the annual fund? Please make your gift today!