A Chorus Line

Chorus Line-5K.jpg

Time seemed as though it stood still when we walked through the swinging doors of the Fountain Arts Building, fondly known as the FAB, but truly our second home while at Dublin. The stage looked primed for an amazing performance. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and faculty alike piled into the intimate theatre and then it hit me: I was going to see individuals who I regarded as some as my best friends perform, but I would not be there right next to them. Just like everyone else, I just had to sit back and enjoy the show without knowing every single aspect of the process leading to it. In this feeling, there was something thrilling, but it also made me extremely nostalgic. 

The theatre and dance programs at Dublin truly transformed my life. As a current Theatre major at Boston College, I was able to already have the opportunity to act in three shows and earn a position on a student-run producing board for BC. Without the relentless work that Jenny Foreman does to pick the show that not only fits the actors she pulls in year after year, but her pedagogy challenges her students to be their possible selves in the experience of another character. This was especially evident to me through the performances from juniors and seniors who as freshmen demonstrated great acting promise and have blossomed under the guidance of Jenny Foreman and Patrick Marr. 

It was clearly evident that A Chorus Line was no exception. Each actor grappled with not only the challenges of a dancer in 1980’s New York but additionally, the daily ups and downs of adult life, something imminent but not yet relatable. Additionally, their acting was matched with extreme grace and maturity, lessons they learn from a place like Dublin. To me as both student and alum, Dublin theatre is everything that the virtue of theatre strives to embody. Many artists have remarked, “Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.” I was extremely grateful and thoroughly impressed with the absolutely astounding work this special ensemble onstage and off has created.

- Devyn Itula ’18