We say a sad farewell to our Bariloche visitors

After three weeks of adventure, our visitors from our sister schools in Bariloche, Argentina will be heading home on Saturday. Before they left, we sat down and talked with Maria and Mateo about their experiences in Dublin and the US.

Mateo and Maria

Mateo and Maria

Asked about the thing that most surprised them, they both agreed that they were surprised by how busy everyone at Dublin is. They were amazed that students at Dublin have as much to do in any day and that they seem to thrive on the routine. "Frankly, I was a little exhausted... and surprised. I was not prepared to be so tired. Day time is much shorter here, and that may be part of it, but so much more is expected..."

At the same time, they both agreed that Dublin students have more independence in what they choose to study and seem to have more fun in their work. Both were amazed at the variety of options and the range of resources available to students. They agreed that the beauty and accessibility of the landscape was a surprise - Maria loved Nordic skiing in the woods at the end of classes every day.

Asked what they missed from home, they were quick to respond - "our food." Maria said that she was just not used to eating at the times that Americans eat - in Argentina, they eat later in the afternoon and then at 9:30-10:30 at night. Mateo responded that they eat a lot more red meat in their diet. While neither disliked what was available, it just wasn't home.

Reflecting upon their time here, Maria said, "I didn't expect that the students would really want to host me and have me be part of things. I really loved the dorm experience. It was like a big happy family. Particularly on Milk and Cookies night..."