Girls Place Second at NEPSAC Championships at Shawneee Mountain - February 27, 2019

The Dublin School Alpine team just finished up this seasons NEPSAC Championships up at Shawnee Peak. The team brought five girls and five guys to compete, and Dublin represented one of 8 competing schools for the girls and 10 different schools for the guys. It was an all day event with two GS runs in the morning and two SL runs in the afternoon. The temperatures were slightly lower than some members on the team were used to but everyone broke out the puffy jackets and muscled through! 

Both teams put their best foot forward today and showed it with fantastic results. The girls side worked together and made their way to the podium with a third place overall team finish. The guys had a few crashes throughout the day, but despite the DNFs they came just shy of the podium with an commendable finish of fourth place. 

As for individual results, in the GS, Mya came in  2nd, Niki came in 18th, Lucy 22nd, Caitlin 31, and Katie 33rd. For the SL we had some incredibly close finishes with the majority of the girls coming in almost consecutive order. Mya came in 2nd, Niki came in 11th with Katie right behind her in 12th, Caitlin one away with 14th, and Lucy not far behind that in 20th. 

The guys individual results we a little more spread out, but equally as exciting. In the morning, for GS, Reed came in 6th, with Colin the mountain man on his tail in 13th, Oren finished his runs in 20th, followed closely by Adam in 24th, and Phillip in 28th. For their SL race, Reed bumped up a spot and came in 5th, Colin and Oren almost made the top ten with a finish of 11th and 14th. Adam and Phillip both DNFd their second runs of SL and sadly bumped back a few places because of it, but nonetheless they had two great finishes in their first runs with Adam in 24th and Phillip in 29th. 

Awesome racing went on today from all athletes, and after all the smiles it was definitely another day for the books. Lastly, a tremendous thanks is in order for the Brown family for hosting and feeding the team overnight in their home, and all parents who came to support and cheer everyone on! It was greatly appreciated.