What we learn through sport...

One thing we talk about quite a bit in skiing is the need to be prepared for practices and races. I am constantly amazed by our students’ ability to go through an intense day of six classes and then show up in the Outing Club with all their gear and ready to ski! Last week I challenged the team to a competition to see who would be the most prepared for our state championship races the next day. I asked them to send me a picture showing the following things:

Very warm clothing

Change of clothing

Water bottles

gloves, hats



(If you take a picture of your piles and send it to me I will give a t-shirt as a prize for most organized pile!)

I realize now as an adult that I learned so much about preparation through my participation in sports and I hope our student-athletes are learning some of these important skills.

Here are the winners of the contest. It was very close and came down to two savvy veterans and an impressive rookie. Aggie took the top prize for remembering to include her boots. The judges also appreciated the history book and the gummie bears. We were only puzzled by the number of buffs she was binging.


Sita comes in second for another impressive pile highlighted by the salmon filet snacks and poetry book. If she had remembered her boots this would have been an even more difficult decision. Definitely keeping it very classy here.


Lee’s effort here is very impressive for a ninth grader and I have the feeling that she will be a force to contend with over the next three years. Well done to all of our participants!