Nordic Center Closure Plan

We are hoping to receive snow on Tuesday the 11th of February. We are scheduled to host a major race on Saturday, February 23rd so we will be doing everything we can to preserve any snow we receive. Our plan is to keep the stadium and Chamonix and Sapporo (our race trails) closed for the foreseeable future to preserve the snow and allow the snowpack to absorb the rain that is coming later in the week. We will not be grooming the snow. We ask that nobody ski on these trails. Tracks through un-groomed snow can collect water and hurt the trail.

Once the new snow bonds to the ice layer underneath we will attempt to groom the warm-up loop and Placid and Oslo loops. If we do groom those trails, please use the road at the end of the parking lot to access them both going up and coming down.

Please check back here for any further information about our race trails. We thank you for your patience!