Alpine Skiing - Slalom at Gunstock Mountain Resort - January 30, 2019

Alpine just finished it’s second race of the season at Gunstock mountain with impressive results. It was many athletes second slalom race of the year and everyone handled the conditions very well. Overall, the girls team came in third place, and the guys team came in second!

As individual athletes, for the women Caitlin Hegarty came in 15th, Lucy Walton in 12th, Katie Strauss in 10th, Nikhila Lampman in 9th, and Mya Kerwin won. 

For the men, Calvin Morrison came in 25th, Isaac Callaghan came in 23rd, Wyatt Hodgkins in 22nd, William Stinson in 19th, Adam Sieswerda in 17th, Oren Robblee in 9th, Colin Brown (The mountain man!) in 8th, and Reed Brencher came in second. 

Everyone came down the mountain with fast skiing and huge smiles making for an awesome race day!

Participating schools Proctor, Dublin, Brewster and New Hampton.