Spring Fed

Spring fed banner.jpg

Our Dublin Lake is one of the cleanest spring fed lakes in NH. Water from as deep as 100 feet works its way up through New Hampshire’s granite base to replenish the lake in a reliable, invisible way, often only noticeable when you happen to swim through a “cold spot!” Our 450-acre campus and surrounding town are blessed with natural springs that bubble up freshwater to create our lakes, fill our wells, and nourish our forests. When we were considering the intent of this new Dublin alumni newsletter the concept of being “spring fed” seemed to fit.

Like spring water that exist beneath the surface, your memories and feeling for Dublin no doubt exist beneath the surface of your life. This newsletter is designed to help bring Dublin to the top of your busy life so that when you desire to take a sip, to refresh a memory or make a connection in your life today, it is reliably right there. And as in nature, there are seasonal patterns but no set schedules and no way of knowing exactly where the water will go. So we begin this new communication with an openness that allows it to become whatever feeds us best. We welcome any and all suggestions and hope Dublin School will always be a wellspring of joy and meaning in your life.

Sincerely yours, Erika Rogers