Annual Fund Update - $269,000 YTD

We are excited about the alumni participation in giving to the annual fund. Of the $269,000 raised to date, you’ve made 102 gifts totaling more than $46,000 – Thank you! For some of you this was your first gift, and for others, you’ve been giving throughout your lives. In all cases, your annual fund gift ensures that every one of our kids is able to participate fully in their Dublin experience like our community was able to during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day SoCA Unconference.

Four alumni returned to campus to participate in the Unconference. They connected with students through a conversation about their Dublin days, their hopes for our relationships especially regarding race, and shared words of wisdom from their lives. This is how alumni support Dublin. You also give and do so because of your personal experiences here. More than most you are aware that your support is an investment in current Dubliners, enriches the culture of your school and helps secure Dublin’s future.

Donate to the Annual Fund

Last year’s annual fund reached $446,000 enabling us to: fully enroll Dublin with smart, kind, curious kids; enrich our culture with talented faculty on a stunning campus, and build the financial health to keep the school vibrant and relevant into the future. This year we want to at least match last year’s total but believe we can reach $500,000!

As you consider helping us reach the half million dollar annual fund milestone, we would be thrilled if you gave to honor the life Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy that inspired our SoCA Unconference. Please join the 102 alumni who have already given and make your gift today.