Alexandria Farrell ’08 Revisits Dublin on MLK Day


Alexandria Farrell ’08 was familiar with Dublin well before she arrived as a first-year student. A native of Brooklyn, her first introduction to Dublin was on MLK day over fifteen years ago when her middle school choir made a visit to campus as part of a multi-school visit to New England. Her older sister, Ashley, matriculated two years prior to her arrival at Dublin as a student. “I felt like I had a family within a family” at Dublin, “I already knew many of the faculty and students well before I was a student.”

Once she arrived as a student, she threw all of herself into the experience. “Because of the small school size, I was connecting with people in different class years in different capacities. People came to the school from all over the globe and from all different backgrounds, but you didn’t dwell on those differences because we were all going through the same struggles as teenagers together.” Her upbringing in New York, a place she calls “not homogenous,” taught her to feel very comfortable being around people who were different.

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After graduating, she attended Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia where she studied psychology and business management. Her passion for diversity and inclusion landed her in the field of executive search and recruiting for real estate, infrastructure, energy, and hospitality companies.

While on campus for Martin Luther King Day, she reflected on how Dublin continues to impact her today. “What I take with me from Dublin is working really hard and getting praised for it. I did a lot of hard work and got used to it. The importance of persistence and hard work that I learned here are lessons that I carry with me at all times. As I reflect on my life the best moments have been when I’ve stretched my body or mind to its limits to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” The Dublin community was honored to have Alexandria and several other alums back on campus to lead discussions and attend workshops on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.