Dublin Alpine Ski Team Host NEPSAC Qualifier Slalom at Crotched Mountain - Wednesday January 16 2019.

Brewster Academy, Cardigan Mtn School and Proctor Academy, competed against the Dublin School Wildcats.

Proctor won the girls, Dublin second, Brewster third.

Proctor won the boys Cardigan second, Dublin third, Brewster fourth.

Amazing individual results from Dublin athletes.

Mya Kerwin, wins both runs by seconds - Wins overall girls.

Reed Brencher wins second run by 7 /10ths of a second a big run, faults first run but is 8th overall.

Look at who broke into second for Dublin girls Lucy Walton, individual runs 5 and 7. Nakhila Lampman 11 and 10 individual runs, third for Dublin.
Caitlin Hegarty 9 and 13 Fourth for Dublin.
Katie Strauss 14 and 11 number five for Dublin.

Madeleine Pelisseir 15th and 18th. Girls were second overall.

Dublin Boys:
Oren Robblee and Reed Brencher both broke into the top ten with individual runs.

All boys had a successful competitive day. Result 3rd overall.
Dublin Alpine is looking forward to competing 1-23-19 at Okemo in a Giant Slalom.