Report from Bariloche

The last days have been wonderful.  The students are more comfortable and independent and even organized a get together with all their host family brothers and sisters over the weekend.  Sunday most of them went skiing.  They also visited the Chocolate Museum, went down a mountain slide or did the ropes course at Air Park AUCA.   Otto went to a spot called the "Patagonian desert" and Maddie is on a boat visiting an island called Isla Victoria on a boat in the Nahual Huapi Lake today.  Here are some photos that I have collected.  

We have just a few days left.  I have been so impressed by all of the students.  They have approached everything with a sense of adventure and been flexible.  I think they have really taken advantage of every opportunity to get to know the culture and people here.  Tomorrow our hosts have organized a farewell party for us at San Patricio school and then we prepare to come home!